” … we are in the first phase of captivity … “

 The Time Is Upon Us

Posted by T.L.Davis  –  Sunday, July 22, 2012

The purpose of this blog has always been about reasoning with those who happen upon its pages. It has been about trying to convince those who are able to step out and take up the work of restoration. I have sought desperately to find that solution that would enable the United States to function as the light of liberty cast into a darker Third World of oppression and degradation even as the darkness has settled upon it.

This blog has never personally attacked the other side, other than to identify them as Marxists. It is not my style to blame someone else for my troubles. Barack Obama is not to blame for pursuing the plans he has so readily and overtly had from the beginning. We are to blame for allowing our nation to fall into such depravity and self-loathing to have tolerated his political ideology to take root in this nation. Out of selfishness and wealth we have turned our heads and kept mum about the revolution taking place from the top down.

Oh yes, we have shouted our disapproval on these pages and others. We have attended Tea Party events and protested the worst of the egregious programs voted in by our representatives, but that was not enough, was it? We failed to constructively turn the ship of state around. This November will be nothing other than a joke where we elect Obama again, or someone quite similar. There is no choice and the evil things planned for us will go on undaunted.

My intent so long ago, when I started writing here, was to forestall the inevitable. I had to give it a try. I had to try and use the weapons at my disposal to turn some opinions around, to reach out and give comfort to those who saw the world as I do, but more importantly to try and do something that would stop the insanity headed our way.

We will soon be party to a filthy business. No one will get out clean. Either we will discover that we are capable of unheard of atrocities ourselves, or we will be consumed by the fires of hatred set by the very people we have voted into public office.

Look at your Mayor, your local policeman and imagine them for a moment not as the good people you see at church, or wave to on the street, but as the very people who will identify you as a terrorist and drag you out of your home to face obscure criminal charges made up in the desperation for control. You represent a threat to them because you speak your mind, or possess the ability to resist the next phase of captivity.

Yes, we are in the first phase of captivity as we speak. Our government has already been revolutionized beyond recognition and we are digital captives right now. They know where we are, who we are and how to get a hold of us at a moment’s notice all by use of a computer and GPS. That is captivity. Try to escape. See how quickly you become a suspect once you try to erase your digital fingerprint. Those who have already gotten out are considered terrorists, those who are trying to get out are considered terrorists. It is nothing to put out an arrest warrant and instigate that visit from your local chum, the cop.

The cold war has been taking place for generations, the hot war is coming. It doesn’t matter what happens on July 27th when the Senate considers the U.N. small arms treaty, because they are already prepared for the aftermath of a positive vote on it and once someone is already prepared, why not just go ahead and prosecute the event? The events in Colorado are just what they have been waiting for and a positive vote in the Senate would just fit right in, wouldn’t it? But now, even if it doesn’t turn out favorably, why shouldn’t they just go ahead with the plan as if it had? What is one more Executive Order, after all?

This is the moment we all should have worked to forestall. This is the time in history all of us have been putting up stores against. This is when all of those Oathkeepers said they would stand up, yet they have been in meetings, they have gotten the script already, where are they? Have they said a word about the impending orders that will come after the 27th? No.

We see the battle lines clearly now, don’t we? It doesn’t matter how the vote goes, it is just a matter of time before Colorado becomes the reason rather than the vote. The plans are too well laid, don’t you see? This is the big grab and they think they are ready for it. Whether through tighter regulations, or outright invasion, they mean to have our guns so they don’t have to face them in the future.

My suggestion is simple. Don’t take it lying down.

Posted by T.L. Davis at 8:35 PM

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2 Responses to ” … we are in the first phase of captivity … “

  1. David says:

    TL Davis may be our generation’s Paul Revere but the people are not listening. Liberty is no longer prized by the United States.

  2. Larry says:

    You are absolutely right, David. We are coming to realize that our first Revolution was an anomaly by historical perspective. Even as others tried, France gave way to Napoleon while GB turned to very ugly imperialism over the entire world. I don’t believe that original blueprint will be followed again. My fervent hope, however, is, as TL writes, the people will remain vigilant and fight when the troops start down the streets. I know many people have prepared and will be at the ready but don’t dare give away their position for fear of exposure. But, again, as TL has stated, the powers that be already know who you are. I don’t have an immediate answer but my personal long-term answer is to break the country up and start anew on many smaller scales. I’ve written about that in After America: Rebuilding on my web site http://www.trueglobalization.com.

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