We Are Preparing for War

Go ahead and scream that I don’t have proof.
That’s fine.Everyone is entitled to their opinion; even if it’s uninformed.

But facts are peculiar things.
They come together over time, and will prove what they will prove.
And facts are, ultimately, immune to opinions and the people who hold them.

I’m simply pointing out that something unusual is happening, and giving folks a peek behind the presumptive veil at what may really be going on.  As I said in my previous article, very irregular builds in both crude and refined petroleum have been running at DOE strategic reserve facilities since January (perhaps as early as last November). and the push to refine such a massive build in reserves places a ‘horizon of action’ on their purpose.

Now what I did not say previously, is that there are other indicators, just as clear and just as sound, that FED.GOV is preparing for a massive engagement of war  — and not some piddly little scrum like what the American public has seen over the past twenty five years, and been told is “a war”.

I.E. The US navy has, since the beginning of the year, engaged in numerous exercises which they haven’t performed in years – specifically, live training of sailors in how to transfer munitions and fuel to aircraft carriers and destroyers while at sea and under way… this was a regular occurrence in the cold-war era, but over the last 20 years almost every transfer of fuel and munitions had occurred either in dock, or at least while at anchor and under placid conditions.

Add to that the fact that munitions by the millions are being pushed forward, from storage depots across the nation specifically toward primary naval facilities.  E.G. the Anniston Army Depot [Anniston, AL – Lat/Lon +33.621747, -85.963636], which is the long-term home of tens of millions of artillery shells and aerial bombs manufactured during and before the Viet Nam era, is suddenly shipping trainloads of munitions to Blount Island, FL [LAT/LON +30.403309, -81.520471] and to the North Charleston Army/Navy Terminal [LAT/LON +32.910910, -79.972752]  It’s of particular interest to note that the Department of Defense has, both at Jacksonville (UTC Aerospace) and Charleston (Raytheon), facilities for up-fitting regular old 500LB aerial bombs into JDAMs – the current standard in “Smart Bomb” technology.

So, trainloads of old bombs are being pushed forward to Naval depots and refitted into JDAMS by the thousand, at facilities which have heavy docks for naval logistics vessels to take aboard such tonnage quickly and easily.  Every train-car, fixed tank, and ship which can carry diesel and aviation fuel is being filled to the brim by the DoD as part of our swelling “strategic petroleum reserve”, and further, we’re ‘poking the dragon’ with “The Biggest Naval Exercise Ever” and engaging our “allies” from 26+ nations in this massive act of military flatulence.  “Allies” who are China’s neighbors.

“Allies” who will indeed run back to their red mamma and tell her that – “Americans are making ready for big war; very big war; many, many ships; every ship full of fuel, and very best munitions.  They practice not just bombing, but also invading and landing massive ground forces.  It look like they coming to take islands back from momma China before too long.”

And this isn’t even the half of it.  The entire Naval Expeditionary Combat Command [which pResident Bush [43] suggested eliminating as “redundant”] has, for the last 7 weeks, been at the center of the largest Naval exercise ever undertaken –

160710-N-IY142-078 JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM (July 10, 2016) Sailors assigned to 2nd Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment conduct a simulated disaster relief supply offload from the General Frank S. Besson-class Logistics Support Vessel, Lieutenant General William B. Bunker (LSV 4) at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam during Rim of the Pacific 2016. Twenty-six nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC from June 30 to Aug. 4, in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California. The world’s largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans. RIMPAC 2016 is the 25th exercise in the series that began in 1971. (http://www.public.navy.mil/necc/Pages/default.aspx)

So the US is, politically, financially, and militarily tweaking the nose of Russia and China, at a time when all the developed economies are desperately flagging…  and the desperate economic stagnation around the world is yet another sign of impending war, because NOTHING causes more spending than a real, full-scale, fully involved war effort….


Author’s Note: I’ve given LAT/LON to the named facilities – take a look on Google-Earth at each of them, and you can see lots of activity, and Anniston has a good deal of new construction on and directly adjacent to the Depot, also.  Looking at the point I have specified for the Anniston Depot – notice that there is a rather short train (18 freight cars) on the siding there, but that it has THREE full-sized locomotives – indicating that whatever it is hauling is exceptionally heavy, as in MUNITIONS heavy.

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23 Responses to We Are Preparing for War

  1. art simpson says:

    The fourth seal war kills 1,875,000,000.

  2. J Gibbs, PhD says:

    Please share ACTUAL FACTS to support these claims. Sorry, but there are no “millions of bombs” manufactured prior to nor during “Vietnam” stored at Anniston depot, for during, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan, we expended the large majority of our remaining inventories and had to repurchase, at a higher price, the empty casing we sold to other countries during the Clinton Admin.

    As for naval exercises to replenish aviation fuel and ordnance while at sea, this is, and has been, a “common practice” during Iraqi Freedom, Afgan and for every large scale naval “exercise” I have ever seen. You are taking basic exercise training and creating a farcical paranoid explanation for these ordain items and events, and you do so knowing that the vast majority of civilians and even many active and retired military personnel will have little to no knowledge of the reality involved. It is not like average J6P can go down to Anniston, or anywhere for that matter, and check inventory sheets and inspect depot bunkers for amounts and types of munitions.

    (For those who are interested, Mr. Gibbs IP address traces back to a DoD allocation with a listed GEO of Arapahoe County, Colorado. Perhaps this helps to clarify his position? -Ed. )

    • LT says:

      For a first-time commenter, Mr. Gibbs, you’ve got quite a high opinion of yourself. Your alleged “Piled higher and Deeper” degree which, along with $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee, adds no weight to your farcical misinformation… as any of our regular readers would be inclined to tell you.

      I was *Stationed* on Ft. McClellan just prior to it’s DECOMM in 1999, and have personally seen the contents of many, many dozens of the “igloos” (what we call the munitions storage bunkers) within Anniston Depot -- and FWIW, there are several thousand active igloos at Anniston -- again, folks, look at Google Earth -- the entire depot is laid out to look like a small town -- but those aren’t houses along the ‘streets’ of Anniston Depot -- zoom in and you’ll see that each is an igloo, with a footprint similar to that of a 5,000~10,000 Sq.Ft house! (50X100ft to 80X125ft, each) FWIW, the total property of Anniston Depot & Pellham Military Reservation and Training Range is actually much larger than the city of Anniston, itself. (not counting Fort McClellan which the city of Anniston is wrapped around -- but Ft. McClellan is a separate facility from Depot/Pellham)

      Each of the standard sized Igloos can store as many as 10,000 155mm artillery warheads, or about 4500 Mk82/500LB Aerial bombs -- and the newer, deeper construction igloos which we refer to as “double-wide” igloos can store about 22,000 155mm rounds, or ~9,000 500LB aerial bombs (mostly either Mk-82 LDGP or Mk-82 Snakeyes, with a few BSU49/Baloot varieties also); or a Double-wide can hold as many as 5,000 Mk-84, Mk-86, BSU50/Baloot and/or BLU109/B bombs, which are all ~2000LB devices.

      The older, smaller, ‘standard’ size igloos are in the southeast and northeast corners of the depot property date back to the 1940~1960 period; those igloos in the middle of the east side are double-wides which date to the late 1960s, i.e. the Viet Nam era; the majority of those in the central and western portions of the depot, are also double-wides, constructed in the 1970s and early 1980s before new construction on Anniston Depot essentially came to a halt in 1989~90. (The one exception is the somewhat irregular cluster of ~100 igloos up near the northern boundary, just to the east of the white ‘factory’ looking complex of newer looking buildings -- that complex, and the ~100 igloos associated with it, aren’t for explosive ordinance -- that part of the facility is for ‘Special’ munitions, so should not be counted for our purposes. THAT is a conversation for another day)

      And FWIW, Mr. Gibbs, I chose Anniston particularly *because* I have personal knowledge, both historic and current, regarding the contents and activity of that facility, as I have herein illustrated.

      In point of fact, there are at least a dozen other such ordinance depot facilities, each at least as large (and several much larger), and while I have not verified that *all* of them are shipping out ordinance as fast as they can load the trains, I know that several others are also very, very busy compared to 5 or even just 3 years ago.

      The one legitimate point out of all that you mentioned, Mr, Gibbs, is the fact that we did expend a substantial percentage of our stockpiled 2000Lb BLU109/B “bunkerbuster” bombs, going after all the underground facilities in Iraq, between the First Incursion in 1990~93, and our second engagement from 2002~2010… but my understanding is that manufacturing has brought us back up to quota, even on those ‘Rose of the Desert’ bombs…

      I would invite folks to note how numerous the *new* and/or recently rebuilt igloos visible in current satellite images of the Anniston facility are -- individual igloos are inspected each year, and when one develops any cracks or leaks, the inventory is moved to a new refurbished one, and the failing one is rebuilt. Again folks -- look at the SAT images -- all the shiny white mounds are either new or recently rebuilt igloos… and most are the big “double-wides” I spoke of. So, if there are no munitions stored there, then why have they freshly built and/or refurbished dozens and dozens of igloos in the last 3~5 years, as well as completely refurbishing the the two primary rail sidings and associated platforms for load/unload of munitions transport cars in that same timeframe??

      I’ll leave it to your ‘advanced degree’, Mr. Gibbs, to figure out how to get a look at the commercial rail schedules and see how many ‘direct runs’ from Anniston to Jacksonville and/or Charleston are running -- but they are all short trains (<50 cars) with triple engines, which is an uncommon configuration -- and very wasteful -- unless you're hauling large quantities of extra-heavy cargo such as munitions. I don't need to check the schedules, as my own eyes and ears, as well as the eyes and ears of family and friends, tell me exactly how much additional rail traffic there is at Anniston, lately.

      Folks, I apologize for this dive into the weeds -- I try not to give details beyond what most folks can verify and/or appreciate for themselves -- but when someone calls your hand, you gotta show your cards…


  3. ray jones says:

    i dont like that u gave up the lat/lon of these bases even tho i know the other side knows where they are at….its all over with any way so it dont matter any way…

    • LT says:

      Ray, Don’t worry, the DoD gave up trying to hide facilities like Anniston from Russian and Chinese satellites 25 years ago, under Slick Willy Clinton -- so that damage was already done back when I was a buck sergeant.
      And FWIW, if I ever ‘gave up’ even 1/10th of what I actually know -- you’d be overwhelmed, and I’d be in prison for Treason… because I’m not connected like the Clintons are.


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  5. Ken says:

    I spent 20 years in the Coast Guard. I participated in thre different RIMPAC’S. We did at least two refueling and replenishments at sea FAS/RAS on every RIMPAC. We would even practice between moored across the docks if another cutter was there. Nothing unusual with that then or now. Not to say that we’re not looking for a war with China and Russia, which is very stupid.

    • LT says:

      Ken, it’s true that such replenishment exercises are often part of RIMPAC and other major exercises, heck we even got Sealift support at TOPOFF-3 (which I served up in CT for, back in 2005), but my point is that we haven’t been doing them as ‘normal business’ -- I.E. in the MED, Indian Ocean, or Pacific, in deep water, for the last 20 years. Just like more than half the ‘reserve soldiers’ and Guardsmen these days, who don’t ever touch a rifle except for their annual qualification with it. I trust you see the difference -- that our politicians have, over the last ~18 months or so, shifted us very quietly onto a war footing.

      I believe we are being set up, and a great war would be perfect cover under which to make their getaway, from the greatest heist of all time -- the cut-and-run of the elites with all the gold and most other readily fungible assets, leaving us with bankrupt and war-torn nations and economies…

      • tayronachan says:

        “I believe we are being set up, and a great war would be perfect cover under which to make their getaway, from the greatest heist of all time --” No doubt about it.

        I think Martin Armstrong’s prediction of a sovereign debt crisis unfolding in the next couple of years is true. His so called “crash and burn”.

        tptb see this coming and will do anything to hold onto power and to keep the people from marching on Washington. So to cover the crimes, corruption, theft, and selling of influence, they’ll start a major war with a major power. And in this one nukes will be used I’m sure. They’ll end up killing us all.

      • Tom says:

        <-thank you sir. I believe you are correct. War, a large war has been in the cards since at least '08 because it's the best possible distraction for the average American. Additionally, it must be crystal clear plain to our enemies that we have been systemically weakened from within. Again thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic.

  6. Paul Woods says:

    The masses are always kept ignorant as to the true picture.After all aren’t they machine gun fodder ?
    Its a pitiful scenario.The real agenda difficult to find, however the birds of ill omen have been circling for significant time ! Any War will be a Phyrric victory for which regime is still standing in the Nuclear waste.

  7. matt says:

    I work for a defense contractor and with our shop recent up tick in work load, I can tell you something is being planned. From bunker buster parts to mortor kits.

    • LT says:

      Matt, you’re one of over 30 people who has told me exactly the same -- whether as contractors/suppliers, or as DoD civilian employees who work at Depots/Shipyards, & etc.

      The Navy, particularly, has put things in high gear; the Army and Air Force are also gearing up, although the information I’ve been receiving says that the Navy is pushing the hardest to plus-up on *everything* from fuel and bombs to actual recruits. in the 2012~14 timeframe they had pulled several nuclear-powered carriers and other large vessels into port for (nuclear) refueling and/or major refit, which lots of (D)emocrats had fits about due to the costs… but those ships are all now freshly fueled, armed, and staffed, and have just returned to their respective commands in the last 6~16 months.

      So whatever they’ve got planned, it’s been in the works for quite a while… they’ve probably been working on it since the very day when 0’poser began his squat in the Oval Office.

  8. Toma Mater says:

    The Council on Foreign Relations has been hawking for war with both Russia and China. If you know anything about the influence of the CFR and start connecting the dots with the information here. Well, all I can say is that it looks like the skies are going to be filled with smoke soon.

  9. Beano McReano says:

    IF you guys are planning something please (and looks like you are) do not do it under the foreign illegal and incapable negro.

    AND hope and pray Donald Trump will be your new Commander.

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  12. SheepDog says:

    I don’t use Google [leftists]. Can you tell us when the Google sat photo’s were taken?

    • LT says:

      The SAT images are less than a year old -- between November-15 and March-16 depending on where you’re looking in that part of the country. If you’re inclined to get a better sense for the development of Anniston and other Weapons Depots over time, then you’ve really got to make yourself proficient in using the GIS system. I know, .GOV will have records of exactly what you look at via that route, but at this point I don’t seen the distinction between Google and FED.GOV -- Google feeds them whatever they ask for, no questions asked, anyway.

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