We Are The Freedom Fighters

christian mercenary

I am glad there is peace on the home front for the Bundys (however long that might be). As for the rest of us, the war has just begun. This was a skirmish, not a battle, not the war. What we have discovered from the skirmish is the feds don’t know how to handle social media communication to draw supporters. They will fix that. We know they don’t like to have the guns facing the other way, it probably confused them. Imagine how surprised they will be when bullets start coming out.

Many thanks to the militias who took their roles seriously and rucked up. I hope this incident is good for recruitment, one would think so. There are a lot of disillusioned people who need a reason and a direction. Most of whom got a reason the other day.

Thinking past it all, one should go to WRSA at this link and read the comment by Lost Patrol. This is the way the patriot mind ought to be thinking. Start developing Rapid Deployment Forces in each given area to address local issues. It shouldn’t have to take national exposure and twenty years of bucking the feds to get patriots to the scene. Though, it does help to support someone with a backbone of his own as Cliven Bundy and his family showed over the ordeal.


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