We Are Two Bullets Away from Civil War

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At a meeting yesterday, the age old question came up: how much time do we have left? My response never changes: yesterday. Anyone who is sentient understands that the economy should have collapsed in 2008. The latest theory to salvage the world wide economic debt is another round of massive quantitative easing which will only make our life’s savings even more worthless.

Different scenarios make any time frame irrelevant. However, I brought up the following scenario to drive home the point that time is running out. We are only two bullets away from a civil war breaking out in this country. If both President Trump and Vice-President Pence were assassinated, Nancy Pelosi would be President of the United States. Barring a military coup, this would result in civil war. Prove me wrong.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to We Are Two Bullets Away from Civil War

  1. I for one don’t think any sort of civil will break out, unless it is the leftist Democrats who start it. There are so many things that should have caused an uprising on the part of the right, but those on the right have shown absolutely no interest in rising up no matter what happens to The U.S. Do to the lack of interest or cowardice (take your pick) on the part of the right They have allowed the true moral and ethical values, upon which we were founded, be flushed down the toilet because rather than stand up and fight for what is right and moral, all the Republicans did was reach across the aisle and compromise with the left, on EVERY THING; abortion, same-sex marriages. removal of prayer from schools, except when it comes to the Muslims. So, if President Trump and vice-President Pence were assassinated and Pelosi became President, those on the right will grumble and then say “Oh well.” And if Pelosi became President, those on the left will be ecstatic over it, and certainly will not start a civil war.

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