We are witnessing an insurgency

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2 Responses to We are witnessing an insurgency

  1. Shinmen Takezo says:

    I’ll classify this video under the heading again of, “no shit sherlock” --with some good points and contrasts. But the Pastor goes completely off the rails at the end with some scriptural bible-babble from advising people to flee and hide--and that the cities will become chaotic nightmares.

    Again--no shit sherlock… and that’s the point of communist revolutions you dope. FYI--the Russian Revolution/s were facilitated by less than 2% of the population of that country, and they were initially consolidated in the major cities and expanded out from there.

    If you think you are going to hunker down in your bug-out location, grown organic chickens, while spanking your monkey and oiling your guns--while mumbling Jesus words thinking it will save you, then you are feakin’ out of your minds.

    The coming conflict/s will assuredly be in the larger cities where the rot must be crushed, else it will spread to your beloved ‘redoubts’ where you will be crushed one-by-one.

    Lastly we are seeing in this video a lack of a call to action and with his call for you all to flee, bad advise that is tantamount to surrender.

  2. jvthomas71 says:

    Thanks for sharing Wes, I occasionally watch Pastor Joe Fox. The past few month I have come realize. It’s every man/woman/family taking care of themselves. Unless you are lucky enough to have enough money/people you can trust to form a group. Because the person I voted for isn’t going to do anything about what’s happening. And keeps making excuses. Or drops a breadcrumb here and there trying to make you think he’s here for our Republic. And in reality patting himself on the back. I’m going to be a 72 year old single woman, the first week of next month. Do you think this is what I thought would be going on now in my life. Or my sons and grandsons. I Tweet Trump about no masks, no more lockdowns. Now we’re entering into another spike of fake virus. I Tweet Trump about Useful Idiots, about our monuments. About how many Patriots there are in this country. And we won’t take a knee no matter what. I’ve been prepping and gardening for a long time. When you’ve lived on a farm it’s natural way of life. I’m in a large city. I’m lucky to have a large yard to work a garden. I have good neighbors. I’ll deal with whatever comes along. In the appropriate manner that gets the job done. Plant like your life depends on it. Because it does.

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