We Need to See Things

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3 Responses to We Need to See Things

  1. Rich says:

    Beck talks about Tolerance…he talks about the people being lovers of pleasure..
    he talks about religion…

    What about the politicians and corporations who shipped our jobs thru the decades,
    what about the politicians who have kept the borders open for decades, what about the 501c3 churches, the state run media etc etc etc


    This guy thats shopping with Steven Tyler who is only giving a piece of the problem

    • Phil says:

      Please take notice when Beck talks about Gandhi, he always put Gandhi First, then martin Luther King ( the black guy ) second , then he puts Christ always last. so this is what he thinks about God with the false cult he follows. Mormonism is a cult and its godless. he is a two bit phony.

      • Rich says:

        too many things prove he is not what he says
        1- his interview of CFR people…as though he honors them
        2- his statement that birthers are as dangerous as truthers
        3- he has praised his Mormon leader for surrendering guns
        4- he is a million dollar talker

        etc etc

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