We Were This Close

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4 Responses to We Were This Close

  1. SunwolfNC says:

    Have faith… let the chess game continue to play out…

  2. Tom Angle says:

    Do you think that Trump is really torn between his campaign promises and the political establishment? I think he just fooled a lot of desperate people that wanted something to believe in so bad, that they would follow him (remind you of another society).

    The sad part is all they had to do was call upon God and repent. Instead they put their faith in a man that has no morals. When you call Jeff Epstein a “terrific guy” that he has known for fifteen years. That should have been all you needed to know. He is not a man of God and evil things will become of his election.

    • Bill says:

      Sad to say Tom, but you are right, all the people had to do was fall on there hands and knees and repent of there sins as well as our nations leaders sins to God. but the people put there faith in a man that really is not saved at this moment , all he is doing is mouthing off what the people want to hear. but all in all , just imagine if Hillary the daughter of satan was there right now how much more worse would it be., just a thought.

      • Tom Angle says:

        He was a Hillary fan until he ran for office. They are all on the same team working for towards a common goal. Dog and pony, smoke and mirror, are they really any different?

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