Website Purge for Firearm Industry has Begun

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2 Responses to Website Purge for Firearm Industry has Begun

  1. magrit11 says:

    I am going to say it again, the way to stop this is to quit doing business with all of the traitors. They have told you who they are. For example: Citibank, Target, Marriot and for Gods sake you better cancel Amazon Prime, AT&T etc. If you stop feeding them they cannot fight you.

  2. alfie says:

    About three , four years ago, the first national bank of omaha made the announcement that they were suspending any and all business with the NRA and any companies associated with them as they considered the NRA to be a home grown terrorist organization, so thinking like that I stopped using their credit card ( true, my account wouldn’t pay for the CEO’s booze and coffee bill ), they have since sent me a notice that they are closing my account, okay by me. Like my dad always told me ‘ If someone treats you badly, you don’t go back for more. And if a company treats you badly, you take tour money someplace else “. Just my two cents

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