Welcome to the Party

A friend of mine posted this last night and I felt it needed to be shared. He said share away.

I don’t come to you as a husband, a friend, a brother. I don’t come to you as a father, a lover or a fighter. I come to you as a free man. I come to you as an American.

First off, I will tell you this, I am for Government, small Government. Not this massive freedom eating monster that is generating today. When I say this I want to be clear, with no intentions of disrespect but full honesty. If not now, when is there a better time to stand together?

WHEN? IT’S NOW. My intentions are to train, educate, empower others to better themselves and learn what it really means to be an American. Doesn’t matter your culture, race or religion. As long as we agree to fight and die for her, then you are my brother or sister. It is an honor to live by those individuals sides. It’s everything we all are, bonded as one under the freedom to pursuit of happiness. The American Dream, right? What our Founding Fathers have envisioned and set forth has been forgotten and shredded by some of our elected officials.

It’s time we remind them who the hell they work for and give them a class on what it means to be an American. You can pass whatever bullcrap you want, pay off whoever you want to pass your personal agendas. It’s not going to save you. Shred our constitution and pick away at our Bill of Rights. You are trying to start something you won’t finish.

Our Politicians need to come together, not as different political groups with two different agendas. Unite as one political group with the same agenda. Keep up with your “divide and conquer” plan. The two political parties with all your bickering like middle school kids is annoying and starting to piss off America. Don’t worry, We the People, will be there to clean up the incompetent mess that the two political parties created. Yes I know of other parties too who fight and cry to be in the seat. Let’s not go there. I hope our elected officials can keep their heads removed from the colon long enough to make rational decisions that better the Country in general, not a minority or majority. I promise if you wake the beast of America, she’s going to be hungry, she’s going to eat. Give me liberty or give me death..


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