What Are You Doing to Eat?

One of the government’s sleight of hand accounting tricks is to exclude the price of food and energy when they calculate the rate of inflation. I suspect we all know the reason for their actions. But now people are actually discussing the price of food. Everywhere. I have heard people discuss the cost of gasoline and diesel in the past but not food. The cost of food has risen 19% since January 1, 2014. Gasoline has risen 9 cents per gallon in the past two weeks and is approaching the level when it impacts our national economy.

So how do you protect your wealth and your paycheck? Even with the latest attack on gold and silver, Ukrainians have lost almost 70% of the value of their currency. In four months. This is a stealth redistribution of your money by inflation and taxation: which has hit a new record this April 15th. Think about that: the number of people participating in the work force is at a thirty year low but taxation is at a record high. As are entitlements. If you want to calculate your “fair share”, it is “more” if you are working.

When (not if) the dollar becomes worth less (worthless), what are you going to do when you cannot afford to eat? The proposed taxation on farmers for bovine flatulence would never have been thought of, let alone proposed by a government of the people. Once you understand the motives behind their actions, you can start to prepare to counter them.

Gold is the safe haven for collapsing economic conditions. Our rulers understand this all too well as they have leveraged physical gold using fiat gold contracts at 1:100 in order to manipulate its price. Whoever has prepared for this government theft of our personal property (enslavement) will be able to feed their families.

David DeGerolamo

Ukraine Currency Collapses Nearly 70% Against Gold In 4 Months

The euro, the dollar and the pound have been three of the stronger currencies in the world in recent months which has curtailed gains in precious metals in these currencies. This has not been the case for emerging market currencies many of which have fallen sharply and gold has risen correspondingly in value.

Thus, gold has again acted as a safe haven for millions of investors and savers around the world and protected them from the declining value of fiat currencies.


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