What are you doing today?


It’s Saturday, most will do yard work, go shopping perhaps, maybe some get together. I understand, I have to do those things as well. What are you doing to keep sharp?

Today is the 4th Saturday, the day my people get together for 4 hours of honing, iron sharpening iron. We’ll do some drills, keep the lizard brain programmed and help each other get sharper while enjoying the fellowship and camaraderie.

If you are 10% more prepared than the average, you are 90% better off than most. Survive the first 90 days and you just may be a part of whatever comes after the former union.

Tick. Tock.

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2 Responses to What are you doing today?

  1. Rabbi Will says:

    Today in the house of the Lord. Since it is the Shabbat!

  2. SWRichmond says:

    If she doesnt tuck that left thumb shes gonna get ftf’s.

    Exercise and rifle today.

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