What Happens Next?

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Forrest Mosby
Forrest Mosby
1 month ago

What happens?..Biden is ( uneventfully) inaugurated, then, after a proper period of time has passed, say, 1-2 months, something happens and harris is named POTUS.
Then The Plan can commence.
Joe will issue several 100 EO’s, essentially negating the last four years, then he can go.
Harris has been the goal all along.The sooner everyone realized nothing will stop it, the better prepared you will be.
‘IT’s’ happening today, like it or not.🤦‍♂️

Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete
1 month ago

What happens next? National muzzle mandate. forced vax, social credit app, fun camps, arms confiscation, famine, increased taxes, hyperinflation. Our children are being mentally conditioned and genetically reprogrammed to exist as sterile, half conscious worker drones. Living isolated in “tiny homes”, eating bugs and recycled garbage. That’s the few that will be allowed to exist.

1 month ago

Per title: Trump has AWAKENED this nation and it will NOT return to the apathetic coma it has laid in for the past several decades.
We, The American People, have opened our eyes to the corruption, thievery, and evil that has consumed the monster that WE created, and NOW, it is time that we chain it, every way we can.
Trump has awakened a sleeping giant and it will be filled with a terrible resolve to TAKE BACK the nation God Almighty handed us, long ago.
Remain loyal to our Constitution and Honor our Father Creator with all of our hearts, for He has not forsaken us; He never will. It’s up to us to not abandon Him.
Keep the Faith, my fellow patriots, and keep fighting to expose the TRUTH.
Never Forget what what we have learned…the fight for our very existance has just begun.

1 month ago

This man who has never set foot in America understands America more than 99.9% of Americans. Actually he understands people and life more than most.

Terri L Parker
Terri L Parker
1 month ago

This man hurts for the American people and the American dream. He knows what socialism does to a country because he has lived it. He knows how hard the many countries of Eastern Europe have fought for their freedom. And many times did not succeed. Just to have an inkling of the freedoms we take for granted. He is brought to tears thinking of the opportunity we have and how we are squandering it by rolling over or falling in line with the rest of the sheep. His country saw their patriots die in the fight to live free, to live like we do. Do we not have an obligation to do the same?