What Happens When…

It is easy to be consumed by news and propaganda from both sides. It is hard to focus on what is important. John Durham is in Europe according to one report on Thursday night. If true, he is investigating the role of foreign governments in the attempted coup against the Presidency. England, Italy, Ukraine and Australia’s role have been successfully covered up for one reason: their participation will implicate Obama’s role overseeing this coup.

What happens when the entire coup process is outlined with evidence to the American people? What happens if Obama is arrested for his part in this insurrection? I may be in the minority but I believe in justice and equal application of the law. When convicted, I expect to see the maximum sentence applied under the law. Do anyone believe this will happen? Which then leads back to the question of when does the Civil War become hot?

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to What Happens When…

  1. zebblanc says:

    It will not happen and that will not happen.

  2. Wes Rhinier says:

    The Rule of Law is Dead. The Rule of Law has not and appears will never be restored. You know what comes next.

  3. Jim Wiseman says:

    Obama nor Hillary nor Holder nor any of these domestic enemies will answer for their crimes. I pray I’m wrong.

  4. NOG says:

    “Which then leads back to the question of when does the Civil War become hot?”

    How do we know a civil war will happen? Those at the top might be really smart people, but they are not infallible. Perhaps they will lose control and our country will go the way of the USSR. Just collapse without much warning. Our current way of life is much more complex on a whole host of factors, any of which can affect our life in ways we don’t understand or even see. Our country is a “system”. It operates a certain way. If something, say transportation of food is affected, how will it affect healthcare or plain old everyday business. If business is lost, where will the gov find tax money to pay the bills due this month or next? A civil war is possible, but I think a collapse of our current system is more likely. Then it will be more like Mad Max, with local tribes taking what they can. The die off will be massive.

    • David says:

      I hope that you are correct and that we Balkanize after the economic collapse. I also hope that we learn from our mistakes and ensure that whatever government takes control of my area will remember and fear the people instead of trying to enslave them.

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