What I Saw in the FBI Video | The KrisAnne Hall Show, January 29th. 2016

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3 Responses to What I Saw in the FBI Video | The KrisAnne Hall Show, January 29th. 2016

  1. Wes says:

    I don’t see any way there can be a Peaceful restoration of Our Republic.

  2. Doug says:

    Here is the bottom line for me. If roles were reversed and the group had invited the FBI to a meeting and then using the same tactics killed an FBI agent then everyone in that group would have been charged with murder. The FBI lies and somebody dies all of the agents involved get to high five each other a go home. They all receive next weeks paycheck and life moves on.
    I still believe the Bundy and Co. went to a meeting on good faith that the other side also agreed to. Why on God’s green earth were federal, state and local officials in such a hurry to crush these folks???
    Was it so that the truth will be hidden at all cost so that the lie can march forward unobstructed???
    Was this more of a general show of force for all of those in America who have had enough and who grow louder every day??? I believe that it was/is a combination of both.
    The sheer number of firearms purchased in the nation in the last decade have a lot of .gov types nervous. All of this power must not and can not be challenged by us mere mortals. We must move in lock step will the desires of those behind the curtain. A direct challenge to lies and deception are always going to end in death for those making the challenge. The only way to turn the tables is through sheer numbers of those willing to stand.
    I believe that every war/revolution has its growing pains. There are always small clashes prior to the big show. We are in the clash stages to date.
    The “Forgotten Man” is the most dangerous. There are multiple “Forgotten Men” that reside in our nation. The government has turned off their hearing aides and turned up the music.
    We are no longer a free people with the right of redress. The chains of slavery were slid around our throats while we were sleeping. We are only as free as our chains will allow us to go.

  3. Doug says:

    I wrote the above commentary and posted it on The Real Revo blog earlier today. I’m amazed that KrisAnne’s broadcast almost mirrored my exact feelings!!! You go girl!!

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