What if …

We see the Muslim ‘refugees’ flooding Europe at the invitation of the European governments. The European citizens are not consulted. Obama and the progressives are insisting that we accept large numbers of these people, as well. Of course, we’re not consulted, either. If we complain, we’re hateful racists and Islamaphobes.

At first, I thought this was just about destroying our respective cultures. Now, I wonder if something more sinister may be in play. Seems the Muslim newcomers are not comprised of families, but are primarily young military aged men. Begs the question …

It would seem that all these young Muslims need to carry out Jihad are weapons, which brings me back to all the .40 caliber hollow point ammo the Feds were buying a couple of years ago. We could see no logical reason for the purchase at that time. Maybe now we do?

I often ask the kids I teach if they can name one government in the history of the world that has been good to or for its people. I get crickets in response. Frankly, I can’t name one, either. Might be time to lock and load.

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  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Yes! That is why we must revitalize the State Militia. Instead of wasting our time on the Presidential candidates (none of them is worth 5 cents) , we should focus on getting State Legislators and a State governor who will organize our State Militia and PREPARE FOR WAR.

  2. rikster111 says:

    Apparently a lot of your fellow Americans agree seeing how Black Friday last week had the largest ever FBI background checks I believe the number was 185,000 that passed, If 10% bought those evil black Rifles that would seem to be one hell of a base for militia when added to all the others out there. Myself I’m buying ammo for mine

  3. Michael Downing says:

    I for one have little trust for most if not all the state governments as they exist today although I admit a Constitutional organized state government with an actual organized state militia would be a great step forward. Sadly I do not see that happening any time in the near future and I am afraid our time is much shorter than such an effort would take. That being said I believe it again comes down to local, local, local if we have any chance of surviving what appears to be coming. Perhaps we will be able to rise from the ashes if we do indeed survive and reorganize as much smaller republics who will indeed provide places of Liberty for the citizens within. In the end it is much greater Hands than ours. I pray God is not yet done with this great experiment in liberty.

  4. Publius Huldah says:

    As a People, we have become PASSIVE: things happen or they don’t happen. We don’t see ourselves as having any input one way or the other.

    As a People, we are already DEFEATED in our minds -- we are passively awaiting our ignoble end.
    So we will just sit around and wait for God to do something.

    But I am saying that such mindset is a big part of our problem. The men have given up. That’s why the women are having to fight this. Because the men won’t fight.

    • Bob says:

      My opinion, for what it’s worth … Men have given up? I don’t think so. Yes, men have been marginalized. Our society has championed ‘women’s rights’ to the point of the ridiculous. I remember when the heroes in the movies saved the damsels. Now the damsels are portrayed as strong, wise, and powerful and the men as metro-sexual, limp-wristed failures. The damsels are doing all the saving and the men are the victims being rescued. So I’m not surprised that many men have been cowed into silence. That does not mean they won’t fight, when the time comes.

      I’m not sure what is meant by ‘won’t fight’. If it means speaking out, then I’d say there are plenty of men doing so. If it means grab the AR and start shooting, my next question would be, shoot who? I don’t believe men are, by nature, great talkers. They are doers. I also believe that once we feel sufficient pain or when circumstance allow, men will do what is necessary.

      I, for one, am ready for the fight. Not a young man any longer, but ready. However, as an adherent of Just War doctrine, we need a leader in a position of authority to follow. I believe there are sufficient numbers of men ready and willing but an insufficient number of men (or women) in authority who will lead. Sadly, we have no Washington or Adams in our age. All in ‘authority’ seem to be corrupt, every one. At some point, I suspect, there will be another ‘Bundy Ranch’ and a shot will be fired. At that point, leader or no, the fight will be on.

      I also suspect that many of us would be quit willing to sacrifice ourselves if we found ourselves in a position to ‘cut the head off the snake’. And by snake I don’t mean puppet. I mean the puppet master. Unfortunately, the snake seems always just out of our reach, and the ones who have the opportunity are sell-outs and traitors.

  5. Publius Huldah says:

    I remember when women professionals were marginalized -- I was one of the first crop of women litigation attorneys. e.g., Judges demanded to see our bar cards when we went into court. They addressed us -- in front of the Jury, mind -- as “young lady”. They addressed the men lawyers as “Mr. Smith”. But we fought through it by working harder than the men lawyers.

    I suggest to you that the movies and TV programs you mention are depicting the reality of the situation.

    Surely you are not suggesting that the men are victims CREATED by TV shows and movies?! But if they are cowed into passivity by stupid TV shows, then such proves my point.

    Today, a great many men posture and pontificate about the Constitution. I find that for the most part, women will listen; but the men are too busy showing off what they think they know. So they won’t listen. They are highly opinionated and dead wrong and spread misinformation. This is a moral problem of EGO and PRIDE placed about TRUTH.

    I have said it over & over: Anybody who has a working knowledge of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution can spot a phony in a few minutes, if not seconds. Yet Americans (women and men) have been fooled by talk show hosts, TV pundits, fund raisers, charlatans, and politicians for a long time. They are fooled because they have refused to obtain the working knowledge they need to assess what they are told. Of all the candidates on the R menu for President, not one passes muster by someone with a working knowledge of our Constitution.

    All Americans need to learn our two founding documents -- outline them, make charts. Grill candidates on their knowledge. Find and support new candidates. Be pro-active in filling local and State offices with people of PRINCIPLE -- morality and constitutional. Stop wasting time on the phonies now on the menu for the R nomination for President.

    Our problem really is a moral problem, not a political problem. As a People, we don’t care about Truth. We don’t believe that people should have to conform to external transcendent Standards and Principles. But we care a great deal about our own egos; we love to blame-shift; we love laziness; we love living at other peoples’ expense; and we love comfort and entertainment.

    • benjamin951 says:

      There are so many arenas to address concerning the male vs. female discussion. In the work force you may have females that are your supervisors, managers, owners, co-owners. In 1989 I moved back to Louisiana. I applied for several jobs. On LSU campus I took an extensive Civil Service Test. I was one of the first to finish out of about 250 being tested at the Pete Maravich Center. I was never called for any of the 6 positions I tested for. If you were a veteran (which I qualified for) you got 5 extra points added to the test score. If you were a female minority you got 10 extra points added to the test score. I opted to get a job in Baton Rouge in the private sector. My immediate supervisor was a female, who tried to outwork me in lifting heavy items and was also extremely authoritative. Almost every job I have had there was a female who was over me in a supervisory or managerial position. This has an affect on the way your job performance is done. Oh, by the way, don’t go and talk with those who are over the company. They just tell you to get along with those other employees. I was raised in a Christian atmosphere and learned that Jesus died for all of us. The same blood flows through all of us. Therefore, knowing those two truths, I must try and respect others unless my life, the life of my wife, children, or grandchildren are threatened in any way shape or form. I will absolutely NOT MURDER but will defend those I am put over to protect even if it means by force. I have a lithograph copy made in 1942 of the Declaration of Independence. I taught a sunday school class back in 2000 and took it to the class and was surprised at the response of the class. I pointed out the many times references were made concerning God as the supreme being. I also made a list of the grievances made in the Declaration. Taxation without representation was number 15 (If I remember correctly) on the list. Everyone was surprised just what was listed.

  6. Phil says:

    i would rather kill them at hand to hand combat and with my katana which Iam very well trained in, i know I can kill at least 10 ten of them as they charge me with no problem and without having to ever to draw my semi auto from my hip. I want them to come so i can send there heads back to there families in plastic bags. There are tens thousands like me trained in this art and they really are going to have a very, very serious problem on there hands as well as out law enforcement who support them. I wont have any problems in decapitating there treasonous heads also. in other words they are in very deep shit when this goes down, my targets wont be them in the beginning it will be there BOLSHEVIK water carriers first.

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