What If?

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My best guess is that 60% of the people voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. When (not if) the coup to illegally seat a president through fraud is proven, what will the other 40% do?

I suspect many will hang their heads in shame. Many will not accept the fact that they supported an overthrow of the government. My hope is that many who are guilty of this coup will be held accountable for treason.

IF a civil war breaks out under these circumstances, I believe the people who supported the Biden insurgency will quickly be put down. I pray that the Deep State swamp will be drained as Donald Trump will have a mandate and the support of American patriots.

IF a civil war breaks out but is not quickly suppressed, I pray that our actions will be guided with Sacred Honor. For the future of our children’s freedom, I pray that our purge and restoration of the Republic will bring these traitors to justice for a fair trial and then a rope if convicted.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to What If?

  1. LunkerMack says:

    Hopefully more than 3% of us believe the way we do.

  2. bob says:

    I like all men who have children and grandchildren would like to live the remainder of my life,enjoying the “Golden Years” . But that is a dream, because we have sit on our ass , and let this once great country, be stolen from us,by the Children of darkness. Not all at once,but just a little at a a time, until you look around and realize it we don’t stand now,all will be Lost, War ? Yes it is going to take a war to get our Country back. A total WAR, it will be either US or Them, they have no intention of letting ANY God fearing Patriot live.And you had better wake up to this fact. These Evil Creatures are not going to say Hey, you guy’s can have your country back, we will just go home and let’s just forget about this , Dark and light, Evil and good cannot coexist,one has to destroy the other, Now they understand this,and our DEATH has been their goal,they have just kept it quite but now they feel like they have enough people,and weapons to do it. We have let our Country get in this shape,you can blame the democrats,the communist, what ever, or who ever, but if you want to see who’s at fault,look in the mirror. I’m being honest and what I am saying is that we have to leave every ANTI CHRIST,ANTI AMERICA Traitor laying in the Streets of America Dead. NO QUARTER GIVEN,NO PRISONERS TAKEN,AND NO SURRENDER BY ONE OF US. LIBERTY OR DEATH.

  3. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Go Bob go! I agree in spite of the fact I have two liberal daughters who are old enough to know better and an idiot son who lives in la la land. Some times you have to pay for bad choices!

  4. Gryphon says:

    “..I pray that our purge and restoration of the Republic will bring these traitors to justice for a fair trial and then a rope if convicted.”

    Sorry, You don’t understand the Basic Principle of (un)Civil War. The (((enemy))) has already Declared that they wish to Kill Everyone who won’t ‘take the mark of (((their))) Beast.

    WE won’t Win, in a permanent sense, this War until and Unless we WIPE THEM OUT, to the Last Man, Woman, Child (and whatever other mis-gendered creatures)

    This needs to be “Bosnia X Rwanda” and them some.

    I’ll draw the Line at Killing their Pets (even the yapping little rat-dogs), but that’s all.

    Remember, it is (((their))) Policy to Kill Your Pets when they come to Kill You for violating one of the non-Constitutional ‘laws’ (((they))) have written to Rule You.

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