What Should the Consequences Be?

In the 2016 Presidential election, the polls predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide victory:


These predictions turned out to be propaganda designed to sway the vote. The only correct part of the election prediction was a “landslide” in Trump’s favor. There were no consequences for their false predictions, social media manipulation and almost four years of presidential nullification by the Communist Democrats.

Since there were no consequences, we are seeing a repeat in the 2020 election. Here is one headline:

Biden leads Trump by 17 points as election race enters final stage

What do we see with our own eyes? Trump rallies around the nation with tens of thousands of attendees vs. Biden rallies (when he leaves the basement) with tens of attendees. President Trump has publicly stated that Joe Biden is the worst Presidential candidate in our nation’s history. Sadly, this is true as Joe’s mental incapacities are on display daily.

So what will the consequences be when Donald Trump is reelected on November 3rd? For the press and political pollsters, there will be none. The news cycle will be swamped by stories of civil unrest in major cities, allegations of voter fraud and a concerted call for the Supreme Court to nullify the election results.

Do the people deserve better? I would like to think so but the truth is that the manipulation and propaganda will continue until morality improves. Until we hold our tyrants and their sycophants responsible, the civil war will continue to degrade.

Our children deserve better.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Hasrd to accept, but 2020 will be looked at five years from now as “…the good old days.”

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