What Someone from the Other Side Thinks…

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3 Responses to What Someone from the Other Side Thinks…

  1. Don Johnson says:

    This raving lunatic on YouTube is Bat S*** crazy if he thinks we won’t stand up for this republic when it becomes necessary./ Dems should always remember to “Not” poke a sleeping bear in his cave thinking they will have any type of good day !

  2. a follower says:

    He seems to poke both sides, and points out much truth that many will not face. To face the Truth it would make all so very uncomfortable.
    Always liked Titus,(his humor) yet, yes he is a little on the left. do not care much for his politics.
    Those of you who think Trump is ‘golden,’ a chosen one, an answer to all your prayers, have not done your homework.
    Trump prophecies and the “church” ???

    If you can not see all the similarities between Obama and the Trumpster you should step back and start doing some comparing.

  3. Fred jefferson says:

    A perfect example of proof that the democrats have no cause and effect genes!

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