What to Do When You Have No Security?

The above video came from a comment on this site. However, it brings forth a question that most of us thought would never be asked: what do we have to do when we no longer have the rule of law?

And to take it even one step further, what do we do when our own government is sponsoring an insurrection to overthrow the Republic? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions are no longer rhetorical but part of our new cancelled culture.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to What to Do When You Have No Security?

  1. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    If I may, you really are on your own any way, be self sufficent in all things. If any one initiates the use of force against you, you have the moral right to stop that force, any way possible. Further if any one threatens your life, you have the moral right to defend your self, any way necessary. Of course the authorities and any other aggressors disagree. With out a just or moral justice system, we are left to our own moral codes, if we are to remain honorable.

    Life can be simple, we can mind our own business and have peace or we can interfere in our neighbors lives and have conflict! I dont see where I have the right to interfere in anyone’s non aggressive actions, no matter how appalling. On the other hand I wont tolerate interference in my deplorable life!

    • Truth-in-Tension says:

      Dr. Lon Schultz I am in agreement with your philosophy, however, the White Christian South African’s tried to follow a similar philosophy and that did not work out well for them. First the British attacked them in order to plunder their resources. Large numbers of White South Africans were killed by the British. Keep in mind, the British developed concentration camps in order to place women and children in them to ensure the White South African men would discontinue their resistance to the British Crown. Of course the British had no shame in what they did in South Africa.

      Then the Mandela black communist took over the South African Government with the aid and support of the Brotherhood of Darkness that included the global corporations, tax-exempt foundations, U.S. government, British government, UN and other governments around the world. Then the genocide of White Christian South Africans was really turbo charged.

      And while this was, and is continuing there has been silence from the Christian churches in the western countries. And what about Congress? Well they are to busy kissing the boots of Antifa and BLM. And while the Brotherhood of Darkness bestows on Mandela Sainthood the fact is he was a communist parasite who supported the genocide of White South Africans in order to achieve the communist take over of South Africa and the world.

      The communist take over of Christian South Africa was the beta test for the communist take over of Christian America.

      Hoping, that if we mind our own business; then we will have peace is a wonderful philosophy, and one that I agree with, but that does not change the fact, that the Brotherhood of Darkness / communist are on the march in America because they have yet to face any real resistance.

      I would respectfully, say that the evil radiating outward from the Brotherhood of Darkness / communist will unfavorably affect all Americans, just like it has, and is affecting the White Christian South Africans.

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