What use can we really be after capital controls or a currency crisis?


Human beings are not meant to exist in isolation. We strive for inclusion and acceptance of our peers. And the forming of social groups, whether families, tribes, dynasties, and kingdoms is as old as human civilization itself.

Over the centuries, though, the social constructs have changed dramatically. It used to be closely knit, smaller groups with shared values and dedication to the other members. Now our loyalty is manipulated towards a political union… and the government which represents it.

In other words, we’re inculcated to have an unquestioning allegiance to the system.

The combination is so powerful that even in the face of overwhelming evidence, the sentiment is difficult to shake.

It’s clear now that the system has turned on the very people who invest their faith and confidence in it.

We can see the obvious effects of decades of morbidly destructive policy.

We can see how the way of life we grew up with has become a distant memory, replaced by a cheap masquerade.

We can see the debt, the money printing, the police state, the utter collapse of justice and rule of law… and the shiny facade of mindless entertainment and wanton consumerism as an attempt to cover it all up.

And yet… it’s still so hard to turn one’s back. Deep within ourselves there’s still a quiet voice that says “This can be fixed. It’s going to get better.”


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