What We Have to Put Up With

Although I did not put any names on my PSA concerning trolls and agitators, I received this comment (not published). I am posting this to show that some people will take out their frustration on whomever is handy. I also am posting to show that we are entering a higher paradigm in the country in which actions as well as words will determine the character of the individual. Use this time wisely to develop your operational security and who to trust.

David DeGerolamo



Good to read that YOU are the reason the scum of government thrive here in Amerika, today.

Rather than allow your few readers to read my response in opposition to both your and Andy’s embrace of statism, you REMOVED my comments opposing you. You chose to CENSOR my remarks, remove my commentary opposing your big government mentality. Rather than let others read and decide the accuracy and validity of my comments for themselves. How very PRAVDA of you.

Although you referred to my comments as that of a troll and agitator, I am neither. Except to you and others such as yourself when we dare to challenge your thought process.

I am well aware you will not publish my reply to your childish actions excusing your censorship as being due to “trolls and agitators”.

Rest assured I won’t waste further time with this blog. Your lies of omission do not endear me to you. However, you would do well to understand that:

Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.

I am proudly your troll and agitator.

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3 Responses to What We Have to Put Up With

  1. vermillion says:

    Interesting. For good or bad this guy has a problem with censorship. Like WE all do. However his main gripe is that his previous comments have been removed by you. Fair enough. Your blog ergo your rules. Let your readers determine the paradigm shift. But let us decide. At least show US what he/she/it said opposing you iaw the snippet you provided above. If the comment was one of a degenerate, ok so be it. But what was it?

    • David says:

      The comments were posted for several days. As the attacks increased, I just blacklisted him which sent three of his comments to trash. I have a problem with censorship also. I encourage all comments which add to the discussion and allow us to make informed decisions. As I stated before, use this time wisely to increase your own operational security.

      I think you can see from what he wrote above that the attacks got progressively worst.

  2. Andy says:

    Wow. I had no idea that I was a statist. That would certainly be news to my family or ANYONE who actually knows me. Personally I am all for dissent and discussion… that is how the best ideas emerge. However, the discussion should be civil, and David has EVERY RIGHT to block, censor, or whatever else someone might wish to call it if it devolves into sniping and personal attacks. His blog, his house. We are guests here, and I treat the ability to read and enjoy, and occasionally participate in his blog as a privilege.

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