What Will You Do to Save the Children?

The government understands how to subjugate people: it begins by taking control of our children. In the past, this was accomplished by “education”. Today, the government and big business have colluded to not only indoctrinate our children, they how found ways to also make a profit. This includes the government funding of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills and fetal tissue sales. Not to be outdone, the pharmaceutical companies are medicating our children with psychiatric medications. The article below details this medical malfeasance and the incredible percentage of children that they are destroying.

As the current news cycle is concentrating on gun control (it’s for the children), the real issue is what will you do to save your children from the government and business profits?

David DeGerolamo


Big Pharma’s War On Our Children: 1 Million Kids Under Age 6 On PSYCHIATRIC Drugs

In the United States, there are one million children under the age of six on psychiatric drugs. This number is particularly disturbing, considering the horrifying side effects and ineffectiveness of a good number of these types of harmful drugs.

One in six Americans overall regularly take some type of medication in this category. However, children are now being swept up in Big Pharma’s desire to make money, not improve health. Mental health watchdog group Citizens Commission on Human Rights is drawing attention to the concerning fact that more than a million kids younger than six in our nation are currently taking these psychiatric drugs.

According to Natural News, around half of these children are four to five years old and an incredible 274,804 of them are younger than a year old. That’s right: babies are being given psychiatric drugs. The number rises for toddlers aged two to three, with 370,778 kids in this category taking psychiatric drugs overall. If this isn’t horrifying to you, congratulations on your brainwashing.


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3 Responses to What Will You Do to Save the Children?

  1. Hans says:

    The good news is, I don’t have to “save the children” … I only have to protect my child(ren).

    And by extension, if others behaved in a similar fashion, there would not be a “save the children” problem.

    Consider the wisdom of Albert Jay Nock: “There’s only one way to improve society: present it with a single improved unit: yourself.”

    • David says:

      The wisdom of Mr. Nock can be compared to passive vs. active actions. The actions of a hermit on top of a mountain are the same as hearing a leaf falling in the woods if no one is there. If Liberty falls due to passive role models, tyranny wins. Is this not how tyranny always wins?

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