When They Roll…

MRAP-with-LRAD12:43EDT – Just got a call from a friend on the road – major convoy of “US ARMY” vehicles rolling like big dogs – 40-50 HUMMVees, ~25 MRAPs, and ~15 other assorted support vehicles, mostly in Woodland Camo livery, the rest in solid green or black, going north on I-95 at the border of South Carolina, headed into North Carolina.

Observer stated that at least 20 of the HUMMVees had “satellite dish looking” devices mounted on top – don’t have pictures, but these are almost certainly LRADs (Long Range Acoustic Devices) which are used for crowd control.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks, these troopies are headed *somewhere* looking for a party…

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12 Responses to When They Roll…

  1. Richard S says:

    If they mean to have a war then let it begin here!

  2. Michael Johnston says:

    I’ve seen this for decades…when Soldiers move to exercises, training….and the dishes are for commo. Microwave crowd control device is being tested but the dish is 8-10 feet in diameter and requires a very large generator to power. And once again you assume Soldiers are out looking to kill Americans….post something important like locations of ammo storage points, National Guard Armory’s, etc…

    • Doug says:

      Ammo storage points is a critical subject matter!!! We need to know just exactly where all of the Easter eggs are hidden.

    • Jack Moore says:

      Well… No an LRAD is only about 3 ft across and I can’t find any mention of input power requirements.
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LRAD http://www.lradx.com/site/content/view/220/110#specs_features

      On the other hand. Sometimes a thing looks like a satellite dish because it is. I spent a great deal of my misspent youth driving the US in big convoys of military trucks with microwave dishes and I seriously was just training.

      On the third hand, yes I would like to know where DHS is storing all that ammo they bought.

      • Milllwright says:

        Dont’ know about the ammo, but one of the largest underground food
        warehouses is at Atchison, Kansas, and a confirmed FEMA camp at Salina, ammois not far away

  3. I know some Guard units are having off normal AT this year, some in IN are starting 30 March instead of in summer like normal

  4. LT says:

    Far too many things have been “off normal” in the last year or two. Enough that we ought to be skeptical of any large movement of troops, assets, or equipment by FED.GOV. I despise conspiracy theories as much as the next sane man, but if you don’t investigate a bit, you’ll never know the truth, either.

    • IN has had screwed up AT’s off and on since the WOT started, a very large percentage of IN Guard troops have more than two deployments.

      Camp Atterbury was basically taken over by the active Army during the Iraq heyday.

      The armory I drilled out of had one major unit and two detachments, we counted 12 deployments over 6 years out of one armory within the 3 different units.

      Now Africa is the new deployment area for the Guard.

      It’s good to still have inside contacts since retirement though.

  5. Bob says:

    Camp Atterbury, Indiana is the location where the Vibrant Response exercise is held every July/August. Active duty as well as reserve and guard units train there during the exercise in preperation for disaster relief as a result of a foreign terrorist attack. Scenarios have included 10KT nuke det, chemical attack, and bilogical contamination. The units are trained in advanced search and rescue, and the medical units that particiapte are specifically trained to handle large numbers of contaminated patients. At no time are those units trained to detain or harm civilians. In fact the JAG officers go to great lengths to ensure that all the Soldiers understand that the civilians are to be treated as citizens not POW’s. If you want more info look into the Joint Task Force Civil Support. They are based out of FT Eustis, VA and are the headquaters in charge of the Vibrant Response exercise.

  6. Tyler says:

    Just curious. Has anyone else besides me discoverer hospital quality medical supplies of different kinds and drugs have become difficult to obtain threw local pharmacies? I have been told by regional suppliers that hospitals have been acquiring larger than usual quantities of triage materials.
    Have hospitals been given heads up on something or is DHS doing to medical supplies what they did to ammunition?

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