When Will the Trials Start?

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So I am violating my cardinal rule for writing: never write while experiencing an emotional response.

I just finished reading the FISA memo. I see absolutely no issues relating to how intelligence is gathered or how the information would impact national security. The lies distributed by the media, Democrat party, FBI and the Department of Justice will be addressed in the near future. Assuming there is no coup by these traitors.

I understand that this is only 10% of what will be coming out.

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7 Responses to When Will the Trials Start?

  1. RONALD L PARKS says:

    I hope Trump has his people (those he absolutely knows he can trust) ready… remember… desperate people do desperate things.

    • Bill says:

      they already tried it with the garbage truck on the rail track trying to derail the train and harm and murder as many Republicans as they can . yup, just so happens at that particular rime and place the garbage truck decided to be on the train tracks. they are desperate and these evil pieces of human Marxist dog crap are not finished yet in trying to kill and harm people, these people will set off a biological bomb in a major city very soon , I can feel its coming..

  2. Bill says:

    The way these democrat criminals are acting, its like they don’t even care and not even fearful of there high crimes. this is astonishing to see the media and these criminal democrats thinking nothing is going to happen to them at all.

  3. Roy Hurley says:

    Those that fear the memo should also fear the rope!

  4. Bill Wallace, a Yankee apologist says:

    There is a time for detached, rational discussion and reflection. There is also a time to grab the pitchforks and torches and to hunt down the traitors. Where is my pitch fork?

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