Where Are Today’s Sons of Liberty?

Sons of LibertyToday, we stand idly by even while the government destroys chunks of our liberties. When the 2011-2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed, the Obama administration added a new clause (to the original Authorization of Military Force, AUMF, which Bush requested to hunt down and prosecute the perpetrators of 9/11). Instead of targeting the perpetrators of 9/11, the federal government added a clause to target US citizens, on American soil, who are engaged in hostilities against the United States (undefined terms, of course). Once targeted, they are stripped of their Bill of Rights and can be interrogated, tortured, and held indefinitely without a formal charge or without a trial. The Supreme Court created a special term for these Americans (reviving a term used by FDR in WWII) – “enemy combatants.” The US Constitution already addresses these types of people – they are called “traitors” – and appropriate action is clearly spelled out, so as not to punish without recognizing inherent human rights. But our government needed a way to by-pass constitutional rights and so, we have the NDAA and the ability of the Executive Department to unilaterally attach the label of “enemy-combatant” to an American citizen. But what did the American people do when their rights were taken away? Most said: “Well, the government needs to do what it needs to do to keep us safe.” And where was the outrage when the Supreme Court found that Obamacare was constitutional and the federal government can use the taxing power to compel human behavior in ways that in and of itself are unconstitutional (federal government has NO right to get involved in healthcare; it’s not an enumerated function). Again, too many people were just happy to know the government will be ensuring that they have healthcare coverage than to appreciate the enormity of the violation of fundamental rights that underlies that decision. The debate over whether the government needs to restrain gun rights in order to stem violence in our schools is another issue. Sustainable development policies are another. The “Wall of Separation” and growing hostility of government against religion is another….

The list goes on and on. We just sit back. We don’t protest, we don’t do all we can to frustrate the enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws or policies or even court decisions….  We’ve lost the Revolutionary spirit. We’ve lost the spirit in our hearts and minds that compels us to stand up for our precious liberties.

And the sad thing, we’ve already lost so much.

So the question is this: Why don’t we care?  Why aren’t we doing more?  And where are today’s Sons of Liberty?


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One Response to Where Are Today’s Sons of Liberty?

  1. ncthreeper says:

    (My post to her on her blog and the NC 10th Amendment Center website)


    I wanted to address your article from the perspective of an everyday red blooded, clinging to my God and Guns, Patriot.

    You mention that we just “sit back”. I would disagree with that statement. Many of us are out everyday talking to our friends, neighbors, and even strangers about the abuses that FedGov is heaping on the American People.

    As far as not protesting, I see many protests going on around the country for the sake of Liberty. While the TEA party may have lost a little bit of steam, I say this as I see fewer and fewer large scale protests from that Org; there are still many small but vocal protests around the country.

    Addressing doing “all we can to frustrate the enforcements of unconstitutional Federal laws”. I am not sure what you are implying by this statement. I know for myself that I have made more phone calls and written more letters than I care to count these last two years. From my local town level all the way up to the Federal level. I have to ask, are you implying from your statement that we should physically prevent an officer from carrying out his orders?

    I personally believe in the Four Boxes of Liberty. I cannot speak for others, but I know I am utilizing the first three every single day. The cartridge box I am holding in reserve until such time as it is necessary. Currently we are still a Constitutional Republic, and I will use every means available to me within that document to restore Liberty before resorting to such anarchy as senseless violence.

    Yes, I said anarchy. I think too many armchair Patriots advocate for open and armed rebellion of FedGov. Under what banner do these anarchists march under besides frustration? Our founding fathers has a coalition of leaders who had a vision of where they wanted the revolution to lead. We currently do not. We have no “infrastructure” in place when said revolution is over and we (hopefully) have won. We are fractured and leaderless. I am not a leader, I lack the skill to be such a person.

    You ask where the Sons of Liberty are, you ask why we are not doing “more”. I ask you, “What would you have us do that we are not already doing?”

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