Where We Are


The above Fox New poll shows a majority of the people want President Trump impeached and removed from office. If this is true, the educational system’s raison d’être has succeeded: the people’s indoctrination by the state is complete for a majority. We as a nation have lost the ability to apply cognitive thinking in our decision making process so the “state” is able to direct our lives as they “feel”. I wonder if the pollsters had a question asking under what grounds this impeachment should proceed? But then that would imply the ability to apply cognitive thinking which would have invalidated their “poll”.

If this is not true (which I believe), then I have to ask what was the motivation for Fox News to publish this result.

So we are forced to face the reality that the majority of people have no concept of the principles outlined in the Constitution or Fox News has joined the media bias against the President to have him removed from office. The answer is probably both options.

If Congress is not following the compact with the people, why should we? That is the question that we have to answer.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Where We Are

  1. magrit11 says:

    This is just a sample of what you will see on the agenda at Fox News with Paul Ryan on the board.
    Doing the work of Mitt and the never Trumpers.

  2. kypartisan says:

    Fox is just like the rest of the MSM. it plays the part of opposition (badly might i add) but is still on the same team with the rest. tucker seems alight tho.

  3. beesknees says:

    Fox was over when Cuck Paul Ryan made it to the board about six months ago….writing on wall then.

  4. a follower says:

    Stir the pot, money, Ratings, piss people off, fear monger? ‘Fox in the hen house’ has always seemed appropriate, especially after their big change and face lift a few years ago.
    Reality shows can be deceiving.

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