While the Virus Turns

We have to be aware and vigilant concerning all information in order to formulate valid intelligence. Intelligence does drive the battlefield and other aspects of the war and the economy. As the entire world comes to understand that there will be no repercussions for bad actions, hot spots are breaking out in Libya, Syria, Israel, China, India and Iran. Any of these could escalate into a world war.

War is our future. Many argue that there is another path but they are deluding themselves. We are in 1984 and WAR IS PEACE for the powers that be. Big Brother is watching and the Ministry of Propaganda is omnipresent.

The financial markets will collapse once the economy dissolves with the second round of shutdowns. The price of gold is the best means to predict this collapse. For the first time, the price of one gold buffalo coin surpassed $2000. When people realize that the gold shell game is ending, they will try to collect their physical gold. I estimate only 1% of physical gold collection calls will cause the price of gold to hit $3000 within a few days. The value of the dollar is collapsing and people do not understand what this means when there is a limited supply of food.

And then there are the elections. How do you know something is very wrong? When the news cycle is not spinning it. It has been very quiet from both sides of the aisle concerning the elections and the federal government’s internal war.

Pray for our people and site in your rifles.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to While the Virus Turns

  1. brewer55 says:

    When my eyes were opened to the world around me ~13 years ago, I knew this day would come. Now that those days are upon us, it is a bit surreal, and sobering. I think until it hits us all hard, there will still be a numbness and a bit of normalcy bias, even for those of us that are awake.

  2. David says:

    The folks who lost everything during the Great Recession learned some valuable life lessons which everyone else is about to have thrown in their faces like a glass of ice water.
    It affected those of us who lost it all,businesses,homes,savings to the point that we have never went back to life as it was.
    Looking back on those three and a half years living off grid in a tiny shack with nothing may have been the best training anyone could have been blessed with.
    You just get by and do whatever needs done to survive.When it’s for real you best learn quick and it’s coming again but much worse this time.Dont give up,failure is not an option.Prepare now while you can.

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