White House Extends Coronavirus Guidelines Until April 30

President Trump assured the public that his administration would undo a provision in his tax reform law eliminating writeoffs for entertainment, allowing, as Trump put it, “companies to send people back to restaurants”. It’s unclear how this would help, exactly, and when it would happen.

More importantly, Trump seemed to back away from his push to bring the country back on-line by Easter by saying he would extend the guideline through April 30, the end of April, and roughly three weeks later than the April 12 Easter guideline,

Trump also said the US has ordered dozens of new ventilators, but he also said the federal government still has 10,000 ventilators that it needs to keep on hand for an emergency in case, for example, Louisiana has a terrible problem (which it does, as Trump acknowledged). We suspect this nonsensical remarks where Trump offers no explanation for withholding these ventilators from the states, which could place lives at risk.


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1 Response to White House Extends Coronavirus Guidelines Until April 30

  1. a follower says:

    The entire ventilator thing has become peculiar.
    Aesop has said, (if i comprehended) we do not have the qualified personnel for ventilators in these numbers.
    Plus, how many people recover when on these ventilators? The statistics are not good.
    Do ventilators have an expiration date? One would think these are disposable devices by the excuses they have given us for not being prepared!
    Gm and the big three have shut down by threats from the Unions, so who is going to build these many, many needed ventilators? Are they asking for volunteers?
    i am seeing so many who refer us, To Repent and i will heal your land verses. By reading this verse in context do we know who sent the plague and why? Is He invisible? Is He an enemy?
    Many odd things taking place, many strange phrases and wordings being used. Brethren and all, approach with caution and be vigilant.

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