Who Can You Trust When the SHTF?

The million-dollar question that is always being asked is, “How do I recognize that the SHTF is very close?”

One of as closest answers possible to give there is this: “You know it is close when people stop worrying about repercussions (punishment from the law and the system).”

Remember, the point of prepping is to be prepared, not to be scared to live your life and be hidden in an underground bunker.

Other million-dollar questions are “what kind of people do I need to pay attention to when the SHTF?” and “who is who when the SHTF?” or simply “what type of people should I avoid when the SHTF?”

The simplest answer (and kinda ridiculously stupid and lame) is – avoid the bad ones.

But the point here is how to know who is bad.


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1 Response to Who Can You Trust When the SHTF?

  1. Rabbi Will says:

    Here is a simple test . Could you live in the same house with those in your trust circle starting tonight? How much do y’all have in common really? Religion? Culture? Schedule? Habits? This stuff matters!

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