Who Is the Real Clear and Present Danger to the Country?

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The nation is at a crossroads. A sum of $5.7 billion is holding the federal government’s non-essential personnel hostage. And the associated jobs/contracts supporting these workers. And the airlines. But most importantly, the Constitution is being held hostage by radical Democrats who will sacrifice everything to usurp power. So who is more dangerous: Democrats who have sold out the country or illegal aliens? The bonus point question is why would the Democrats continue this “strategy”? Is it really a means to unseat Donald Trump or is the House of Cards about to collapse?

Or are we on a collision course to civil war? God help us and the traitors who have put us on this precipice.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Who Is the Real Clear and Present Danger to the Country?

  1. Wes says:

    Its a question of When not if. Civil War is coming

  2. Bricky says:

    I see no civil war in our future and if there were by some slim chance not many would know what the hell they were fighting for. Dig a little deeper outside the usual daily repetitive garbage media headlines and you will find that our National Government has everything under control. If you can’t save the Republic now, you never will.

    Border Agency Finalizes Social Media Collection Rule
    Despite comments from EPIC and others, Customs and Border Protection will collect social media information from Americans and place that data outside legal protections provided by the Privacy Act. EPIC proposed opposed the collection of personal data and said that CBP should narrow the Privacy Act exemptions. The agency responded briefly to public comments, failing to defend the agency’s decision. In a related FOIA lawsuit against DHS, EPIC obtained documents which revealed that federal agencies gather social media comments to identify individuals critical of the government.
    January 3, 2019

    • David says:

      I wonder if I am on the “list”. Since the IRS came after me because of my activities and a fellow “patriot” had me illegally checked by the Charlotte police for my federal report, that train has left the station. What does that mean? When I am arrested, I understand that there will be no deal with traitors: no matter what they offer or how they intimidate me. I know in the end, they will still destroy anyone who stands in their way.

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