Who Won the Elections

Everyone is a Monday morning quarterback now that the elections are over. President Trump and the negative blowback against Democrat Senators over the Kavanaugh hearing secured the Senate for the Republicans. Paul Ryan’s “leadership” over the House was a major factor in their House defeat. Immigration, border security, law enforcement and Deep State corruption are big “wins” for the Socialists seeking to destroy the country’s founding principles.

However, the big winner is the Free Shit Army (FSA): the advancement of Socialism/Communism took a huge leap forward. And before you celebrate the so called wins on the Republican side, I suggest you look at the margin of victory in those elections. The country will not be able to hold back the tide of people whose votes are bought or who depend on the largess of government paychecks much longer. Time is running out for our country and our culture.

David DeGerolamo

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