Why Arguing Handgun Bullet Size Is Dumb

What you’re going to get here is my opinion but it is based on very sound information from ammo makers and data from US LEOs.

Carry heavy for caliber, well vetted and tested ammunition like HST, RangerT and Gold Dot. Top velocity in handgun ammo is not very important and can actually be a detriment to terminal performance. Like the video said, handguns are handguns, not rifles.

They poke holes. That’s what their wounding mechanism is. Not shock or huge wounds.

Heavy for caliber works better in short barrels than +p. It also works super in long barrels. Look at published data by the brand you prefer, it will bear this out. This is a general statement and I’m sure outliers exist. Those heavy projectiles are designed to work over a wider range of velocity than faster loads. The weight helps it work and the lower velocity actually helps it penetrate deeper because it does not violently expand and slow down as quickly as a hot lighter load.

“Energy Dump” at handgun speeds is a myth.

A lot has changed since the years of bigger is better. I choose more ammo rather than bigger slugs. As we have seen first hand in my tribe’s training, capacity matters when time is against you. I can not think of a situation where time is more against you than a violent encounter. I guarantee you, I can pull the trigger again faster than you can reload.

147g in 9mm, 180g in fotey, 230g in fotey fibe is my recommendation and the platform that allows more capacity is better. That G43 I’m sure is great to carry, but if you can’t put a dozen rounds in something in under 5 seconds I say you’re behind the curve….a lot. Swapping mags is not what I want to be doing in a situation like that.

To those who know me…I didn’t mention the G19 being the perfect handgun…not once

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  1. Bob Gatillo says:

    What an outstanding, informative article. Excellent information for deciding what caliber to use, in what situations. Do you want to drop the attacker, and have to deal with his buddies? Or do you want to stop the attack, and make the attackers buddies take the attacker for medical treatment, removing all 4from the threat matrix?

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