Why Can’t the Truth Be Based In Facts?

The Biden definition of truth is more telling than people realize. The media’s main tool in their ongoing propaganda campaign is to tell lies often enough until they are accepted as truth. Russiagate is the best example of this in modern times. The victors write history and that includes the ones who overthrow governments. Our forefathers understood that all governments eventually become corrupt and collapse. They wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights to minimize the power of the federal government and maximize the power of individual states and their state citizens. But they knew the cost of maintaining freedom comes with a high cost that people are not willing to pay.

We have to look no further than the slate of Democrat Presidential candidates to discern the clairvoyance of their warnings concerning government, the judiciary and banks. The question should be how we will correct this deviation to tyranny. However, the reality is people are accepting this new shift toward a Communist utopia. How we substituted our love for freedom for entitlements may be one of history’s greatest mystery.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Why Can’t the Truth Be Based In Facts?

  1. Survivormann99 says:

    Biden chooses “truth” over “facts.” Also, Gilliland has talked about women “telling their truth.” This is the liberal mentality.

    No, facts are facts and truth is truth. There is no your facts and my facts. There is no your truth and my truth.

    “Facts” should not be reduced to opinion, and “truth” should not be reduced to allegations.

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