Why Damn Yankees Stay

Why would anyone ever want to leave Dixie?

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to Why Damn Yankees Stay

  1. 1chota says:

    there 3 kinds of Yankees. Yankees: those people who live north of the Red River, (separates Texas from Okiehoma; 2: Damn yankees, those that live up there, come down here for the winter and then go back; 3 G@##### yankees, those that come down here and never go back.

    • kathy says:

      yep thats bout right.they come here and to bring their liberal bull s**t with them and try to change the south.not all but way too many of them

  2. Joy Kajan says:

    I’ve lived in the south for 30 years and will never understand the hatred that motivates southerners to curse other human beings. So to you, David, who professes to be a Christian, do us both a favor and unsubscribe me.

    • David says:

      You can unsubscribe yourself. Sorry that you missed the sarcasm. I moved South 34 years ago so that makes me a damn Yankee even though I was born on Florida.

      • a follower says:

        i thought it was humor.
        And yet there is a side that seems very hateful in the whole Yankee division thang.
        Ps. i also have gravy running through my veins, ‘bacon’ gravy, May be some corn beef hash in their also? Is corn beef hash norther or southern?
        Does it matter? chuckle
        Greetings from Indiana. Been to Alabama several times came back. Parents lived in Alabama there several years. Been to Florida, came back. Been through many of the southern states as a conservative.
        And still came home.

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