Why Did the Media Participate in the Coup?

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Rep. Mark Meadows announced this morning that the DOJ is investigating the role of the media in the coup against President Trump. Let that sink in for a minute. What do you think the consequences will be for their participation? Fines? Prison sentences? Loss of their licenses?

I know the answer to why the media participated in the coup: they thought the Obama/Clinton plan to usurp the Constitution and turn the country into a Socialist country would succeed. As in every Socialist/Communist country’s coup, opposition is imprisoned or eliminated (think Arkancide). Patriots dodged a bullet in 2016. Or did we just postpone it?

Do you think that losing the Presidential election will stop them? Hillary Clinton’s multiple felonies were not prosecuted for one reason: she would take down Obama and the Deep State. There is no honor among thieves. The stench emanating from the DC swamp is not dissipating as their last chance to overthrow the government is on the horizon.

We may not be able to influence their endgame but we can prepare the remnant for its consequences.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to Why Did the Media Participate in the Coup?

  1. anon says:

    Finally we are hearing that word “coup”, more and more.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. bushlied says:

    Is there anything that today’s so-called Patriots are willing to fight for? The Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights. What did we do? Jack. That was 7-1/2 years ago.

    Mercy, watching so-called conservatives cling to liberty-stealing Republicans is like watching a Ken Burn’s documentary on the Stockholm syndrome.

  3. The Patriot Act is totally unConstitutional, yet Make America Great Again signed it.

  4. a follower says:

    a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
    “he was overthrown in an army coup”
    synonyms: seizure of power, overthrow, takeover, ousting, deposition, regime change; More
    a notable or successful stroke or move.
    “it was a major coup to get such a prestigious contract”
    synonyms: success, triumph, feat, successful maneuver, stunt, accomplishment, achievement, attainment, stroke, master stroke, stroke of genius; More

    A Coup? Was it?
    Or is this something else? Something that has been brewing a very long time?

    • David says:

      A Soft coup, sometimes referred to as a Silent coup, is a coup d’état without the use of violence, but based on a conspiracy or plot that has as its objective the taking of state power by partially or wholly illegal means, in order to facilitate an exchange of political leadership..

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