Why Is Rosenstein Smiling?

As I watched these two videos of the Congressional hearing of Wray and Rosenstein, I have to ask why someone who is in so much trouble is smiling? What does he know that allows him to be so secure as Congress passes a resolution to hold him in contempt or to initiate his impeachment?

We had better wake up or we may find ourselves under an overt form of tyranny where the current two-tier justice system is replaced with a system where the rulers make the laws to fit their agenda.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Why Is Rosenstein Smiling?

  1. Comrade Obama says:

    People like this usually can be found hanging by their heels in gas stations. Often accompanied by their families.

  2. Bill says:

    i agree with you David, but he also was snickering and mocking the Republicans at the hearing as if he was above the law and he knew the communist democrats are in his back pocket so they are doing his bidding and have his back. What the congressman need to do is begin impeachment proceedings against him and Wray and have them removed immediately if not sooner. Rosenstein has become the head of the deep state and the orders are flowing from him, so this evil madman must be taken down and Trump needs to order the release of all documents and declassify them now. Rosenstein must be taken out in handcuffs not by any law enforcement agency only the marines now for his treasonous acts. This human piece of refuse is behind a coup and he is laughing about it while he has his lapdog Mueller doing the dirty work for the perverted evil clintons and the sodomite Obamas.
    If this man is not removed and they manage to take out Trump then we will be in a full blown civil war and these same dirty workers of iniquity then will be removed permanently form this earth forever and all who went along with them.
    There are times I have to slap myself and ask why has every democrat become a communist Marxist Nazi fascist, then when i hear them speak and how they hate there country then i understand.

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