Why Is This Organization on the SPLC’s List of Hate Groups?

North Carolina

Pastors’ Network


If a national revival and a spiritual awakening are to take place, pastors must step forward and take the lead to call their people to holy prayer, passionate repentance and sacrificial action. It is past time for Christian leaders, especially our pastors, to stand up for their God and Country, reclaim their moral leadership and exercise their pulpit freedom, just as our founding fathers did. Simply, pastors must decry the wickedness in our land, and proclaim universally that “Jesus Christ is King”. Whatever is holy must be exalted, and whatever is evil must be condemned. Regardless of the cost, the pulpit must no longer be threatened into silence.


The North Carolina Pastors’ Network (NCPN), an inter-denominational body, is hereby organized by and for North Carolina pastors for the pursuit of revival and spiritual awakening, through the training, encouraging and equipping of one another to promote Biblical values, the foundation of our highly revered Constitution, and support initiatives and legislation that embody these timeless truths, as well as candidates for political office with Biblical values, and spawn a state-wide network of Christian pastors.



This list of NC hate groups as discerned by the Southern Poverty Law Center is 40 this year. A relevant number in the Bible. Another year where NCRenegade was left off. I suppose we will have to try harder to regain our status on their “list”.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Why Is This Organization on the SPLC’s List of Hate Groups?

  1. a follower says:

    We can and are to do this as individuals, each day. Many pastors have also been led into delusion. After all they to have been indoctrinated by Universities, theologians and many philosophers. The Bible contains a strong warning about “Philosophers.”
    Do any of you think a college can teach or give one the gift of the Holy Spirit?
    The more i have been led to see and hear , i do believe the whole world has been led astray, this includes myself first and also many others.
    Returning to Him, and coming out of her is our mission, and it is a good journey and can be adventurous. It can entail leaps of faith. Such as standing up and saying Truth that many will not like.
    Remember even the false prophets and antichrist will come to us using His name. He will guide you in discernment.
    Test the spirits.

  2. John john B says:

    Being on the SPLC list of “hate” is a sign that one is moral, constitutional, mature and rational.

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