Why Isn’t the Congressional Black Caucus Protecting Blacks?

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3 Responses to Why Isn’t the Congressional Black Caucus Protecting Blacks?

  1. Phil says:

    The black racist caucus leaders are the plantation managers for the white mentally ill liberal Bolshevik Marxists in the congress and they don’t give a care about any of there people. you see they have all been prostituted by the same people who they really hate. it’s all about money, power and greed and the Negros have sold out there other negro brothers for the cold cash. Cash reigns in that cesspool in Washington DC. As for the useless black race that is full of racists just like they are, I have no sympathy they deserve what they get by there plantation managers.

  2. Bill Shuey says:

    This must ask a rhetorical question. The CBC doesn’t give a damn about poor inner city blacks--they are no better than their ancestors who captured the slower blacks and sold them as slaves.

    • Phil says:

      the slave masters of the dutch trading companies were Jewish owners, so it was the Jews involvement in the selling of negro bodies for money. and what do we have today the khazrian Jews interlocked with the negro race with all sorts of Jew radical groups representing this poor race of Negros, or is it guilt because all along it was the Jews who sold them into slavery. it’s so unbelievable it.s laughable and how dumb and ignorant the black race is to be led and kept in slavery by the same people who sold them into slavery. Research it for yourself on who owned these dutch trading companies and you will be quite surprised is was the Khazarian jews.

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