Why Taxation is Slavery: Words From Frederick Douglass


Most people learned “No Taxation without Representation” while in grade school. At least I learned it in grade school. That was prior to the politically correct indoctrination imposed upon our children by the state. What we were not taught was the issue of slavery as a cause of the American Revolution. When George Washington was asked why he decided to fight for independence from England, he replied that any taxation, no matter how small, was stealing a portion of the fruits of his labor. He was adamant that taxes by a state without any input on its form and distribution was slavery. He believed in his natural right to freedom and was willing to fight and die for his belief. And he was not alone.

Today, slavery is at an all time high in the world. Our government gives aid and comfort to countries like Saudi Arabia without any thought of human rights. Instead, slavery is used to race bait and vilify people because of our nation’s history of slavery. It is used as a defense of last resort when a debate has been lost. But here we are. A country divided along so many lines that our greatest strength of a unified culture has been erased. When the country devolves into civil unrest, remember the final plan never changed: bottom up, top down.

David DeGerolamo

Why Taxation is Slavery: Words From Frederick Douglass

What do you call it when someone takes 100% of your labor by force? Slavery.

Slavery is being forced to work against your will for the benefit of your master, your owner. The only reason they own the products of your labor is because they own you. If you had exclusive control over what is done to and with your body, the most basic right of self-ownership, you would not owe anybody your labor.

So then a lesser percentage of forced labor is also slavery, though to an obviously lesser degree.

Whether a cent or a million dollars is taken without consent, it is theft. And if someone forces you to work for them 1% of the time, or 100% of a time, that is still slavery.

Frederick Douglass was a slave, by any reckoning. So it is interesting to read his own words, on having his rightfully earned wages taken by force. In his book My Bondage and My Freedom, Douglass laments the state of his servitude, that all his hard work is confiscated from him.


h/t Hans in the woods

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2 Responses to Why Taxation is Slavery: Words From Frederick Douglass

  1. daveburton says:

    “In medieval times, serfs had to work one day in five for their lord and master. . . and that was considered slavery. How much taxes do you now pay?”
    -- Intelligent Machines Journal, Issue 2, 1979 Feb 7, p.24

    • Tom Angle says:

      About 35% for a middle class income home of 2.

      I only counted income, state sales taxes (10% where I live) and property tax. I know there is more I just do not have the time to dig. My guess it would be closer to 45%. I guess you could include all the things that the government says you have to purchase like insurance and such. Then it would even go higher. I think that most working families would be well over 50% then.

      Just keep in mind that we grow/raise a fair amount of our food, we do not really do a lot in the way of entertainment and almost all of out vacation are spent visiting family. Plus we live in Tennessee which is one of the cheaper states to live in.

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