Why The Left Can Be Violent And Hypocrites And You Cannot

 The Marcuse essay is deliberately written in the most obscure language possible. My belief is that this wasn’t just natural to Marcuse, but deliberate, to conceal the falsehoods and fallacies at the core of his thesis. After all, he claimed that:

     The elimination of violence, and the reduction of suppression to the extent required for protecting man and animals from cruelty and aggression are preconditions for the creation of a humane society.

     …right at the beginning of his essay. However, he proceeds thence to rationalize all sorts of violence and repression in pursuit of Leftist ideals:

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1 month ago

I believe allot of people are missing the point — we the population didn’t enter this political fight until just recently -- we were absentee landlords --anyone who cant see what President Trump is doing is blind — He’s proving that the corruption is so deep at its beyond our wildest dreams — Everything they are doing is back firing in them — the lies, manipulation criminal activities and now the majority of the people no longer believe them and are pissed off -- I stood with the felid with millions of Americans of DC on Jan 6 and felt the power we possesses -- I served this country for over 20 years and allot of Vets we on the field on that day and we all promised not to go back to DC with flags next time if need be — We believe in one Document ( our Constitution ) for the rights of men and one God — Amen --and that’s enough for me — If they think that their threats will weaken our resolve — I wasn’t the one hiding in the basement on 6 Jan Shitting my pants

1 month ago

“They believe truth, not facts…”