Why Their Argument Is Not Valid

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I will keep this short because you are probably as tired of the latest gun control issue as I am. The solution as proposed by President Trump is simple and effective: train and arm teachers. Other options include retired law enforcement and veterans patrolling the schools. Dividing the country into two sides was and still is the goal of the destruction of the Constitution. I believe we are now at the point where we can declare two sides and people know which side they are on. The “other side” is vehemently against the training and arming of teachers. Would they extend this specious argument to law enforcement? When a shooting incident occurs at any location, the police are called to respond. Why? Because they are trained with firearms to protect the people (and children). And yes, I know that legally, the police have no duty to protect the people.

So if the police are the solution to shooting incidents because they are trained, what deficiency do teachers have that preclude them from being the solution also when they are trained and armed? Why anyone would not want our children to have the same security measures as our political elite only proves the ignorance (on multiple levels) and indoctrination of the “other side”.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Why Their Argument Is Not Valid

  1. Hans says:

    A “caller” on the Rush Limbaugh radio show last Friday had simpler solution that any parent can implement without need for change in public policy.

    Remove your children from the “kill zone” and enrol them in on-line home-school using an Internet based high-school equivalence program.

    Problem solved.

  2. Comrade Obama says:

    The progressives/Marxists know the elites must be protected but also know that the children are only props and therefore expendible as long as they are other people’s and not theirs. Besides, these children escaped the abortionists and can be easily used as targets.

    Remember Progressives are special. You dirt people only serve to provide money and labor.

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