Why We Need Alpha Males

Somebody has to fight the wolves.

“In recent years, a mildly trending topic of discussion has been the question, ‘Where have all the men gone?’ While there are a number of theories as to the answer, a British survey just released by YouGov may shed some light on the issue.

Among other things, the survey asked participants about their impressions of the word “masculinity” and found a surprising generational gap:

‘Both young men and young women have a lower opinion of ‘masculinity’ than older people, but young men are harsher critics of the concept than young women. In contrast, the majority of young men (58%) have a positive impression of ‘femininity’, as do the majority of young women (55%). Overall ‘femininity’ has a net positivity score of +56 compared to +44 for ‘masculinity’.’”

 “Where have all the good men gone?” Well, they’ve been beaten down. Many of them lack a strong father at home, having been raised by a single mother. The education system does little to nothing to help boys grow into good men.

While we like to pretend things are different in the 21st century and we’ve progressed, the truth is that we have not. Human nature is still human nature. World War II won’t be the last world war. Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, Mao, ISIS, and the rest won’t be the last bad guys. Just like in the past, as we see in the Middle East and Africa today, the wolves are often quite powerful, raping and pillaging, enslaving and conquering.

But even when we’re not confronted with these great battles of the ages, we are challenged by the wolves in our daily life. There are, of course, the temptations of the heart, but there are also those will always prey upon the weaker. If the good are not stronger than the wolves, what will stop them?

Vote all you want, but if no one follows up the laws with force, they are meaningless.


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  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Great Post and video! God bless sheepdogs!

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