Why You Should Be Watching GBTV

Glenn Beck’s GBTV launched last Monday (September 12th) and this interview is indicative of the quality of his new network. The last segment of the video below outlines the Iranian plan to attack the United States with an  electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

If you have not subscribed to GBTV, I strongly encourage people to watch this video to see what you are missing. There is a current 14 day free trial available on the main page of the site.


Although the thought of an(EMP) is nothing short of traumatic, can you think of another way to destroy 200 million Americans with little or no retaliation? As Mr. Kahlili discusses in the interview, Iran has everything in place now to launch this attack 300 miles over Kansas to completely destroy our electrical grid.

He also discusses why our president is naïve and misled concerning his Iranian policy. You can buy his book “A Time to Betray” at Amazon.com. This segment was at the end of the show on September 21.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Why You Should Be Watching GBTV

  1. Zero Cool says:

    Why so much Fear in the Air?

    Fear is the best motivator known through history to be used as a tool to manipulate large populations. Therefore this is why so much rhetoric is being used to create an atmosphere of fear in order to obtain one single objective. This objective is to remove the current president from power at all costs, even at the cost of dividing Americans; creating more racism and bigotry among neighbors. Today there is more distrust among Americans than ever before, why? It’s miss-informed bloggers that cause more harm to us as Americans. These bloggers are NOT attempting to unite our people, but rather attempting to cause a revolution through social media and by the use of disinformation. These blogger are attempting to emulate the cause and effect of other social media around the world. One thing is for certain, these fear mongers/ bloggers have no credible background to authenticate their rhetoric, for if you search their backgrounds, many of these bloggers are not government personnel, nor recent military, and many are unemployed with no life other than to blog and surf the internet. These people have no real perspective of what a true threat is, but rather their perceived threat is developed through their only means of information, the internet, or GBTV. They’re xenophobic people, living a false reality. Their rhetoric is un-patriotic and only serves one purpose, to divide us all and weaken our country. So I ask, if there is any possibility of truth in what I say, what is the outcome? Are you a follower, or do you have the ability to discern for yourself by means other sources than the internet, or TV. This internet social media blogging phenomenon is destroying our country, and appears to have originated from the communist handbook on social engineering.
    When people refuse their cooperation, with hold their help, and persist in their disobedience and defiance, they are denying their opponent the basic human assistance which any government or hierarchical system requires. If they do this in sufficient numbers for long enough, that government or hierarchical system will no longer have power.

    • Hans says:

      You claim: “…these fear mongers/ bloggers have no credible background to authenticate their rhetoric…with no life other than to blog…”

      If you cared to investigate the facts, you might find that many of us who blog about issues that frighten us have already lived long and fulfilling lives of contribution to business, community, and family.

      You claim: “These people have no real perspective of what a true threat is, but rather their perceived threat is developed through their only means of information, the internet, or GBTV. They’re xenophobic people, living a false reality.”

      Related research would inform you that many of us lived through the strife of the 1960’s, and may in fact have been on the opposite sides of issues that we now are able to understand more completely as a result of our life experiences.

      And you claim: “Their rhetoric is un-patriotic and only serves one purpose, to divide us all and weaken our country.”

      Yes, we need to unite. But we do not need to unite around interests, or issues or political parties. We need to unite on principles that support the moral and economic health of our country.

      Several years ago I drafted some principles that I believe are necessary for the difficult task of unification:

      I am alive… human… an individual… and hold beliefs. I presume you are the same. Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. As you read this, I infer some bond connects us across our disparate life experiences. Only if our group shares an explicit set of beliefs can we act purposefully in a coordinated fashion.

      I began with a blank paper titled “I believe…” (I have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of…) and spent several hours crafting a few declarations:

      I BELIEVE…

      1. An individual is the fundamental unit of human value, an individual owns himself without precondition, and social structure must respect the sovereignty of each individual.

      2. The moral basis necessary for sovereign individuals to prosper together, in social structures, in peace, is completely defined by the “ideal laws for a civil society”:
      • Do not encroach upon others or their property
      • Do all that you agreed to do.

      3. Negative rights (rules against coercion) are consistent with 1 and 2, and form the appropriate basis for establishment of relationships among sovereign individuals.

      4. Natural rights derive from 1, 2 and 3. Natural rights exist prior to any establishment of law or government and describe an individual’s liberty, or freedoms, to:
      • Own, develop and dispose of property (products of labor)
      • Bear arms for defense of self, family and property
      • Establish associations, contracts and self-government
      • Assemble, speak and petition to redress encroachments or breaches.

      5. Capitalism is the only economic system compatible with liberty. Any attempt to incorporate altruism or collectivism is a violation of 1, 2, 3, and 4.

      6. Liberty can remain secure only if government is so limited that it cannot infringe upon the natural rights of sovereign individuals or intrude into free exchange in capital markets.

      7. These United States should be restored from the encroachment of National government to a limited government as defined in the US Constitution and its first Ten Amendments.

      8. Once restoration has been achieved, the US Constitution should be reviewed and edited, to eliminate ambiguities of language and make structural corrections to prevent the re-growth of National government.

      After I wrote those points for discussion, I experienced the full force of the modern leftist movement in its’ attempt to steal my property, liberty, and as a consequence my life.

      You may also benefit from a read of my first post on NCRenegade:


      So, Mr. Zero Cool … be constructive here, or find a comfortable niche for yourself on a progressive blog site.

  2. Khalid Al Mansour says:

    Beck lost my trust and viewership when he ridiculed the “birthers” and then tried to convince his audience that the man in the oval office was Constitutionally eligible and not a treasonous fraud. Any marginal student of the Constitution knows differently. Someday the truth will out and I hope that every last person complicit in this coverup gets shipped off in chains and that every last bit of legislation touched by this man is overturned.

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