Will We Win?

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We may lose this war. We lost the War of Northern Aggression: the victors wrote the history and the evil white slave owners of the South became the enemy for the past 150 years. The truth concerning tariffs, states’ rights and Lincoln’s attempt to legalize slavery have been forgotten. Today, all Caucasians are the enemy and the country’s culture is under attack. Our crime was simple: we wanted to be left alone to worship God and pass on freedom to our children. The “we” is not be considered a term based on race but a term based on shared beliefs of freedom, culture and fellowship.

For those who may take exception to that conclusion, I ask a simple question: why do you not want to make America great? I remember being taught in school that the greatest failure of Communism was the Berlin wall. If Communism was so good, why did you have to build a wall to keep people from leaving? Let’s put this another way. If our country was evil, why did we elect a man who promised to build a wall to keep people from coming here?

I see many people attacking Donald Trump for not doing more. This transference of the overthrow of the country to Donald Trump is wrong. Which of us could have done more to save the country than what he did? Which of us would have sacrificed more that he did?

Now is the time for good men and women to trust in the Lord, edify your faith and plan. Whining is not a plan.

1. Organize

The first step to organizing is operational security: who can you trust? Let’s start with the converse: who are you not able to trust?

a. The politicians who sold out the country and are now going to impeach Donald Trump. This was a blessing in that the Republicans who sold out the people have clearly been exposed.

b. The judiciary who sold out the country when they blocked every attempt to expose voter fraud.

c. The DOJ, FBI and every intelligence agency. I had hope for the DNI until Ratcliffe delayed his report outlining Chinese interference until it was too late to stop the overthrow.

d. The military. Many will disagree but let me put out some thoughts on this. The military must defend the Constitution. The 305th cybersecurity unit stationed in Germany has the evidence showing the actual vote totals. And yet the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that Joe Biden would be inaugurated on January 20th. The military has supported the overthrow of the country in violation of their oaths, duty and honor. I suppose this is the retribution for a President who did not start any wars in his administration.

e. The media. The Washington Post (a very anti-Trump propaganda machine) wrote that the assault on the Capitol was preplanned. And yet, the media is devoutly supporting the impeachment of Donald Trump for inciting the occupation of the Capitol. The list of the media’s treason is well documented.

f. Social media and big tech have influenced and illegally financed the Obama, Clinton and Biden campaigns. Their violation of the 1st Amendment with the aid of Congress and the judiciary have eviscerated our lines of communication and organization.

g. Religious institutions. The responsibility of the church is to produce moral citizens. If they did their work, we would have moral leaders. Not only has the church been replaced by the state, they were complicit in their own demise. I understand that this is a sweeping statement and that there are good Christian churches. See Adm. Stockdale’s warning above.

So let’s go back to who you can trust?

a. Kith and kin. The phrase blood is thicker than water is misused. The actual saying comes from the Bible:

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

The divisions and lies perpetuated in this country’s overthrow by enemies foreign and domestic have permanently destroyed family ties. So now we are left to some family members and kith. It is paramount to observe operational security with only trusted people in a small circle.

b. Don’t turn your cell phones off and feel you are safe; put them in a safe container/wallet that completely blocks the signal. Anyone who brings a cell phone that is not blocked into a meeting is not to be trusted. Stupidity is no longer an excuse because people’s lives at stake.

c. Build lines of local communication.

d. Build security perimeters including IP cameras. Age and physical impairments do not preclude anyone from watching security cameras in real time.

e. Develop SOPs and practice them. A defined action for particular situations will save lives and minimize escalation of misunderstandings.

f. Trust does not ensure positive reactions. Good people make bad decisions if they are not prepared for stress. Develop a command structure, ensure it is followed and practice.

A Necessary Checklist to Finding and Fixing Your Weakest Link | Oracle SMB Blog
weakest link defines the strength of your group

2. Stop the Division

We lost the first major battle. Accept it and stop blaming Donald Trump, voter fraud or any other assorted divisive strategy. We lost because we were not strong because we were not united. We need to develop effective strategies at a local level. Successes on a local level will spread and overwhelm the resources of a corrupt government. Why? Because they know that we are everywhere and they do not know who to trust. Read the book series 299 Days for some inspiration.

I have faith that we can come up with successful strategies to weaken the enemy. Growing your own food as well as not growing food for the cities is one example. The cost of energy, seed and fertilizer will impact food supplies this year. Feed your local group and town.

Feel free to submit ideas for resistance.

3. Stop the Indoctrination

One positive aspect of COVID-19 has been the exposure of our educational system as a means to indoctrinate our children. Develop local alternatives to educate our children and stop the cancellation of our culture and God. Buy books and print out PDFs that you feel are important

More later.

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

All of these are dag-gone good suggestions folks. May I add that you don’t trust digital media of any sort. Hard copy is the only solid method of preserving knowledge.

1 month ago

Excellent David!

I agree 100%.

Local local local State State State

Resist, ignore, nullify

1 month ago

The Children need to be rescued -- ABSOLTELY! 👍
The last I checked -- which was months ago -- close to 70% of American parents did not send their children back into the schools last September. Be encouraged, those kids are doing phenomenally well, and the School boards were Freaking Out!

1 month ago

excellent practical strategies!
clear & correct analysis of the situation.

Local Local Local
Local Local Local
1 month ago

“Amen”…..the choir.

1 month ago

I like the ideas. There are some places in America were people are working on this type of solution right now.

Lisa the Infidel
1 month ago

I am with you

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago

Point ‘B’… That’s wisdom, and long overdue. How many years have people been warned about the dangers of these devices, but they have ignored the warnings cause they couldn’t control the addiction. I have never owned one. When the telecom company calls me offering me a free one I say, ‘Not interested.” But it’s ‘free’ they respond. Civilizations have survived for centuries without them, and should the grid go down you will need to learn how to adapt -- so start learning now.
It takes only 5 years for children to develop the cancers and other diseases that they cause. For adults it’s 10 years.
Perhaps this short documentary will inspire people to make the right choice for themselves and their family.
The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth… https://youtu.be/rKDrui7ZMnw

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
1 month ago

My other comment didn’t stick -- why?

I will share a good chuckle instead -- hope this brings a chuckle or two…

Stay Sane And Carry On > https://youtu.be/mL-P8hKJjkw