Will You Be A Sheep? Or Will You Fight The Wolves?

So Andy McCabe is going to walk free. How’s that make you feel? I’ll tell you, it royally pisses me off.

Here’s another question, Whose team is Trump actually on? If I hear one person say just wait until the Durham report comes out I think my head will explode.  This is Lawlessness being blatantly flaunted in our face. I guess if you want immunity from the law you just need to donate to the democrats and vote for them often. It’s a big club see, and we ain’t in it. Let me see if I have this right. If I was to lie to the feds I would get 7-10 years in prison, but if you’re a Democrat and lie to the feds you get a promotion to a TV show with a signing bonus and book tour.


I think if Trump really wanted to drain the swamp and set things right he’d fire Barr and Wray before the sun sets today. It seems everyone he has ever appointed to a position of importance has betrayed him, why? I’m beginning to think Trump is just part of the act. Nothing else is making any sense. Everything that we have been holding our breath waiting for has come to nothing. Yet we continue to look away and pretend everything is going to be fine. It makes me sick. It’s getting harder and harder to look in the mirror everyday while all this injustice in our country carries on.

I’m pretty sure Barr was hired to whitewash the crimes of the Deep State. Justice is for sale in America. The Deep State will continue to do as they please because they own our justice department.  Trump and Barr are either inept or complicit. Perhaps Trump is a Trojan horse to get conservatives to support all the things they fought under Obama?

I Pledged Allegiance to the Flag of the once great United States of America, to the Republic for which it claimed to stand. I swore an Oath to Uphold the Constitution against Enemies foreign and Domestic. That Oath never expires.

But we’ve become a Nation under God Forsaken Fools.

Highly Divisible.

The Moral High Ground our nation was built upon has long since eroded.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Our Nation has become indifferent, Apathetic to the ideals of our forefathers.

The time is here when wolves will try and lay claim to this once great country. Will you be a sheep? Or will you fight the wolves?

 “When is someone going to jail over the crimes that have been committed?”

I’ll answer that for you: NEVER!

The betrayal we face from our government has set us free. For if there be lawlessness what reason do any of us have for obedience?

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37 Responses to Will You Be A Sheep? Or Will You Fight The Wolves?

  1. Hope says:

    Maybe Barr is a Bush “holdover”. I thought he was supposed to be the guy that would make everything right… Does that guy exist? I found it strange that he criticized the President’s tweeting yesterday. Something is not adding up here.

  2. rikki says:

    I’ve always kept the bible line in the back of my mind. “Even the most elect shall be deceived”

  3. tomnchrist says:

    I want the President to Fire Barr immediately, and put someone like Hannity, Tucker, Rep Jordan, Rand Paul, or even Alex Jones in as Attorney General. No excuse for not prosecuting Mcabe, Comey, Roenstien , Brennan and other traitorous FBI and CIA operatives in Prison.

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  5. TS says:

    Folks..I get the sense that somehow, we are going to be victims of an end-around to subvert and separate us. If you have the spatial sense to put the blocks together, I will issue some key words/phrases: Pandemic, medical martial law, isolation and removal (quarantine), camp, jumpsuit, separation. Since going after our means of protection has so far been unsuccessful, the relentless enemy will not quit, will not compromise. He will find a way to remove the just threats against him…think on that. I fully expect to be dealt with as my Saviour Christ Jesus said, provided I am not called out/up first. Praise His name.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      Pre-Wrath View leaves the Elect on Earth through the Seal Judgements, thus no easy escape from the AntiChrist Wrath during that period of the End, Like so many would like to believe.

  6. Jay says:

    Yes, the deception is huge. But let’s not be double deceived by failing to understand that “The Kings heart is in the hand of The Lord; and like the rivers of water, He turns it withersoever He willeth.”

  7. Sam says:

    Well, hope — something not adding up.
    That simply means that you are unapologitically an idiot because it does add up.
    2+2 will always be 4. no if, ands, buts!
    idiots vote for idiots who are puppets of the even more powerful elite who want you dead and the world as their own. they know what you want to hear and they say it, and you have no idea in hell what an actual conservative or even a Christian is.
    You have fallen for the lies of ‘pentecostalism’ which has destroyed Christian America and the true Christian faith and you will follow your fake ‘leaders’ straight to hell and enjoy it.
    Everyone has forgotten who and what they are. Shows how well the ‘dumbing down’ has worked.
    Everything the amerikan sheeple believe is a lie
    Per the Constitution you have no leaders — only the pres. We the people are the leaders. Those fools in DC are only representatives, not leaders. BUT you fools started accepting them as leaders when they can’t even tell the difference in their own arse and a hole in the ground.
    Enjoy hell. It’s coming quick.
    Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. — book of Isaiah
    pentecostalism has infiltrated every denomination there is, destroying true Christianity in less than 150years, and has done more damage than the catholic church did by itself in a thousand years.
    Remember, you voted for them.

    • TS says:

      Ok so several points in here I concur on, but are you saying all Christians should still “vote”?
      You did not specify, but I inquire about the crux. I, for instance, refuse to participate because: scriptural INFERENCE.

      Even still…cut Hope some brotherly slack as maybe she’s a babe in the faith, and maybe she did not go straight to scripture for context and spoke off the cuff. IOW, assume intent.

    • Thomas says:

      You are right. Even in Paul’s day he observed the decay of the churches. ” Even the great houses will fall”.

      The Dispensationalism movement about that time (150 years ago) caused fatal biblical illiteracy.

      The very middle verse in God’s Word (KJV) is Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man.

      Foolish virgins will weep and gnash their teeth.

      p.s. The Minor prophets are not less important, just shorter for those confused ones with short attention spans because they’ve spent too much time in church/kirch/kirk/kircus/….circus. Very applicable to todays situations.

    • WilliamtheResolute says:

      Amen brother, go with god…it’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall.

  8. Billybob62 says:

    IF… our representatives were truly acting under our constitution, there would be thousands of them, not hundreds. And if thousands, they would not wield the power they do now. This IS a republic form of government BUT it’s not being operated as one. Sadly, EVERY institution has been infiltrated with anti-American usurpers, and this has been so for so long the majority of us don’t even recognize the fact. Trump may or may not be pro America, but Trump is just one small part of the problem. We get the ” leaders” that we deserve: open perversion and sexualization throughout our culture, adultery and fornication are more the norm than purity, lying is the norm rather than honesty, especially in public office, abortion rather than raising a family in a traditional way. 61 million slaughtered American babies. Our “leaders” are not accountable and we continue to March down the road to tyranny. Trump has neglected some major promises he made while campaigning: build the wall, deport illegals, stop censorship, stop the gun grab, leave us the f..k alone. Oh, sorry, that will NEVER HAPPEN.
    But , getting back to our roots: the Holy Bible states in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus certain blessings that His people will receive if they, we, honor Him, and certain curses they, we, will receive if they, we, disobey His commands.
    This nation was founded as a Christian nation but just as Old Testament Israel, we have strayed FAR from our roots, and I’m afraid we will reap what we have sewn for generations. I dare not even speculate what may be in store for us. We surely dont deserve freedom, prosperity, peace and longevity. God have mercy on us. I pray we don’t have to face the judgement we deserve. Wake up, America, REPENT before it’s too late

  9. John Norton says:

    start at the state level press charges from there

  10. Arizona says:

    I’am not sure you guys want to hear this,BUT its got to be said,when the Russians and Chinese,the UN Military and the POLICE GANGS join forces to attack america,ITS going to be a slaughter,most gun owners will try to surrender,THEIR just to stupid to understand ITS NOW OR NEXT WEEK,their not going to ever let you walk away,once the attack begins,OUR FATHER said the WAR will go on for FIVE YEARS,it’ll take the patriots that long to clean up the mess,AND THAT is only IF the US MILITARY can be stopped from NUKING THEIR OWN COUNTRY,which they already said they’d do,bombing and killing their own family,AMERICA did a very poor job of teaching their children to PROTECT THEIR FAMILY not kill them,THIS will be a long fight,it’ll take a LOT of ammo,there won’t be anyone making it any more in america when this is over,WHAT you have now is it,ON the shoulder of the attacking armies will be a BADGE,it tells the DRONES your one of theirs,TAKE it off the dead bodies and put it on YOUR shoulder,it’ll keep the dromes off you,TAKE everything they have before you leave them…especially their boots,you’ll need them down the road…DO NO ALLOW THEM TO TAKE YOU PRISONER,they plan to kill you after they find out what you know,DO NOT take the Micro-chip.,OR the MARK OF THE BEAST(obama) he coming soon back to power,DO NOT even look at him,HE IS THE SON OF PERDITION,and when the ANUNNAKI show up,CALL ON THE LORD to protect you from them,these are big guys,and you won’t win a fight against them,SO don’t try,LET THE LORD handle them,and SATANS demons..LAST but not least,IF YOUR NEAR THE COAST,your dead right now,YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO THE MOUNTAINS right away,THERES AN ASTEROID COMING,it’ll hit down by PUERTO RICO,but the tidal wave will drown everyone even near the coast,4,000 feet up will be safe,less then that and your better have a submarine to sleep in,OR be able to breath water…

  11. Spero Spanios says:

    One downside of hope it can be blinding depending on the subject. Have faith in no man. Granted that is subjective, but you get the idea. Given Solomon said there is a time for everything, we are in empire decline and having hope against the historical pattern is an exercise in frustration. Especially in one man like most in this nation have. Pick your poison, Trump or Sanders. They are part of the problem regardless of sides. The devil backs both and the illusion of hope is just that. Hate to be cliche but it’s all just political theater to lead us on and distract us while their machination move forward. We haven’t had a balanced budget since Reagan whose administration accrued only a trillion dollars in debt since the creation of our nation. Since then, we’ve added some twenty trillion more? Do you see twenty more America added to the one he presided over? No. Is your quality of life and net worth twenty times more since? No. Are the political promises for change any different since then? No. Getting the picture. It’s a hard reality but when we finally pull our heads out of the sand and let Gods truth vet and disprove our varied paradigms, we might get a clue.

  12. a follower says:

    A lamb has been sent, and has fought and triumphed over the wolves. This sheep fought and is known to be as a Lion. Simply by speaking and holding on to the most powerful weapon of all.

    Does anyone think that because a 9 year sentence is simply “recommended” that it is over at that point?
    Does Trump? Has he never seen a court case?
    Donald Trump “seemingly,’ sure puts himself out their for a dirt bag.(Roger Stone) A self proclaimed dirty trickster.” More senseless chaos for each day!
    Did Trump notice China?
    This Nation was not built upon our “Moral High Ground.”
    This land,and Nation is the result and fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. Nothing we did!
    And we were to be good stewards of this. Well how have we done? And was this too prophesied to happen?
    So who are these players upon this world stage? Is this what the world deserves? Can we learn from them, how we should be acting and behaving? Can we each do better in our own personnel lives and how we effect each other?
    This world has gone mad, and i do not think a pissed off vengeful impatient group anywhere is the answer to fix it! That has been tried,many, many times before, and for how long were the results?
    we the set-apart ones, whom are scattered, are the desired group.

  13. Patricat says:

    It will come down to the patriot citizenry to solve the matter. It has always been thus.
    When dealing with tyrants, timing is crucial. When you see their grip on power slip, even for an instant, strike then with all your might and make it a finishing blow. As for the henchmen, give them the same.
    Nothing less will do.
    History speaks.

  14. Patricat says:

    Barr is not the answer.
    Trump’s main failing is appointing insiders to solve “problems” that the insiders don’t want “solved”.
    All insiders must be purged, and a minimum number of replacements installed from “outsider” patriot ranks to re-install Constitutional liberty.
    I don’t see this realistically happening, so my previous comment above is more likely, if anything even does happen.

  15. Patricat says:

    Lastly, know who needs to be dealt with.
    Trump is not the enemy, nor even Barr. They are actually probably more on the right side, but their feet are mired in the corrupt muck of DC.
    The enemies are the string-pullers on the outside. You need to research and know who they are.

  16. Spike4187 says:

    Yeah, a friend of mine as well as Conservative news outlets keep saying, “Warrants for arrests soon to be disclosed!!!! Obama, Clintons, Holder, and all the muck swimming in the deep state sewers” I role my eyes………..yeah, we will never, ever see any of these traitor, satan worshipping pigs ever see justice in this lifetime. I do know however, nobody gets away with anything because The God of the Bible is watching…….They will have their eternity.

  17. joey says:

    we are the presidents of are own lifes however some d.c. elites are just pupets of there politics that accomplish nothing.

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