With Virginia, This Deserves to be Re-Posted and Re-Read

Escalation to Confiscation, and Beyond

Posted on January 10, 2013 by LT

Some thoughts from earlier today, originally posted at The Silicon Graybeard:

Anonymous January 10, 2013 6:49 AM


A while back, years prior to our current troubles, I had a discussion on this topic with someone in law enforcement: “880K in LE, 80 to 90 million gun owners. Do the math. Do you think all of those 80 million plus will sit meekly at home waiting for you to knock on their doors? Every one of your neighbors know in which house a government agent lives; John and Mary from across the street won’t burn your house down at 3AM with you and your family in it, but I guarantee a number of their co-workers and friends know they live across the street from you. Today you’re a cop they call on for help; tomorrow you’ll be a government agent that has to be eliminated to protect themselves.”

If something like this ever starts there’s no reason for it to end before it’s completely over; cops, government bureaucrats, TSA agents, all will be on the list. You know that sweet little old lady who works part-time 3 days a week in the county tax office? Somewhere, there’s an angry taxpayer who had to pay $150 more in taxes that he didn’t think he owed, and that $150 was the difference between new clothes for the kids and eating spaghetti for a month.

If you think you know ugly, you haven’t seen ugly yet. And I hope we never do.   No sane person would ever consider doing something that could possibly lead to such events. What we’re seeing now is a mixture of trial balloons to see what response such statements produce, and preparing the battlespace for whatever action they think they can get away with.

To which I replied –
LT Prepper January 10, 2013 10:13 AM

The anonymous gentleman above speaks to two key points which I would like to amplify:

1. If you think you know ugly, you haven’t seen ugly yet. And I hope we never do. No sane person would ever consider doing something that could possibly lead to such events.”

– I agree, and there lies my concern – there are many ‘true believers’ in the lefty crowd who have no clue what *ugly* actually is. Many of these fools honestly believe that Aurora and Sandy Hook have been personal attacks upon them and their families. Really. For many, the outrage is 100% real, and nearly off the scale in their minds – they may be deluded to consider these events as personal attacks, but they do. So my concern is your “no sane person” clause, and how much sanity we should actually expect from them if this fire gets stoked much hotter in their minds? Now, if you were one of them, and really believed that it was “already a war, so we just have to win it” then you would also believe that “things couldn’t get much worse than the war we’re already in”, right? <— THIS RIGHT HERE is the sound of the warning siren in my mind – if they’re cracked enough to really believe that it can’t get much worse, then this is the very reason why they would push things to the absolute ugliest they can get. By the time they see that they were wrong about what ugly *really* looks like, there will be plenty of spilled blood and it will be too late for them to undo it.

2. “If something like this ever starts there’s no reason for it to end before it’s completely over; cops, government bureaucrats, TSA agents, all will be on the list.”


– Again, I absolutely agree: the bureaucracy will get cleaned out; and a lot of other scurvy turds and pompous A-holes will get taken down, as well. Some cheer at that thought, but this is a two-edged sword. Killing starts out as a needful thing, but can easily become a habit, and that is dangerous. The first few kills are the most difficult, the most tenuous. Subsequent kills, you will focus upon confidence and follow through, and then upon technique and speed. By the time you’ve killed 25 or 30 men at close quarters, you have reduced the challenge to the purely mechanical aspects, and the work is no longer “gruesome”, its “invigorating”.
When killing becomes easy, any vendetta rises to a Capital offense, unless the man-become-killing-machine has outstanding discipline; so it won’t just be the TSA dick and the tax collector who get reduced when TSHTF, it may also end up being *that guy on Craig’s list who sold me that piece of crap 6 months ago*.  Seriously; just look at the facts.

Men habituated to violence tend to seek and maintain a higher level of violence in their lives, even when it’s not necessary for survival. Examples? When the skinnies in Mogadishu weren’t fighting us, they would seek out and fight each other, as feuding clans did in the Scottish highlands in centuries past. Gangs in the US frequently skirmish for no better reason that to maintain their edge and initiate their new members.

As with all ‘clan’ warfare, it is part vendetta, part sport; part survival and part bragging rights. Once this ‘clan violence’ mentality has momentum, it is very difficult to bring to a halt, and this is part of the danger for us. Men who do not have the discipline of soldiers will become confident in killing, and this is a dangerous pivot point for the future of Liberty, because decades or centuries of clan/regional vendetta warfare doesn’t provide any more freedom than it does stability. God save us from what we may have to do amongst our own to bring the violence to a halt when the *Legitimate Conflict* is over, lest it devolve into such habituated violence and become a generational curse upon our nation.

Read the part above in RED several times, and get it clear in your mind – This is the pure essence, the core of the Culture of Death which they have been forming and cultivating for decades.

THIS IS THE ANVIL against which the progressive elites intend to pin us, while they beat us into submission.  They will cause this type of violence in the streets EXACTLY because it will cause so many people to DEMAND A TOP DOWN ASSAULT ON OUR LIBERTY.  It’s not about your guns, IT’S ABOUT YOUR SUBMISSION.  If you have ever wondered why gang violence and ‘gang wars’ seem to be increasing inordinately, here is your reason – it is being encouraged by the would-be oligarchs as a tool of terror to obtain our submission.

I’m certain that these progressive elitists find it amusing that their white, middle class suburban True Believers/Useful Idiots [who actually believe that disarmament, peace, and a unified world government are sweet, good, worthy things] are totally unprepared and will be utterly wiped out in the coming social conflagration.  IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN – these True Believers won’t be needed any more, and would be more trouble to the new oligarchs than they are worth.

True Believers: do you get it now?  You are their most useful tool at the moment, but you are still as disposable to them as anyone else is, and even more so, once your task is complete.

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

The full article is at – http://thesilicongraybeard.blogspot.com/2013/01/you-are-being-probed.html?showComment=1357830782315#c6937431533228145970

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33 Responses to With Virginia, This Deserves to be Re-Posted and Re-Read

  1. R. Shooter says:

    Sounds like being a cop puts me at war on two fronts, government officials that want our guns and trigger happy infants that have been diligently practicing Black Ops in their parents basement. Before you start advocating the shooting of cops remember some are well trained (Many ex-military) and will shoot back at you with the same guns he (she) will be using against the government that’s trying to take yours from you.

    • David says:

      You present a crucial dilemma in this country. I was raised to respect law enforcement. As a teenager in Pennsylvania, I learned to fear the state police. As citizens, we see that police are told to stand down when Antifa (with the support of government and the Department of State) attacks. We are told by police to comply with any command that they issue. Law enforcement officers have told me that we can and will be arrested for anything under the guise of “resisting arrest”. I have read too many articles concerning “asset forfeiture”. The dilemma is simple: I want to respect and support law enforcement. I thought a good solution to this would be to have town halls where the sheriff and police chiefs would build community relations. Our local sheriff would not respond. When I went to talk to him in person, he said he would be in touch. And that was the last we heard.

      So where does that leave us? How do we know if law enforcement will protect the people or listen to the “rulers”?

      • November Rain says:

        You can’t trust the police, especially in a collapse situation, unless they take off their uniforms and join the people and stand for the constitution rather than being enforcers for illegitimate state authority and arbitrary power. That’s how you will know which cops to trust.

      • Forearmed says:

        It depends on who the cops pay homage to, either the state or to our Constitution. We already know they ostensibly gave their pledge to uphold, our Constitution, but most do not, and that is our dilemma. Do you think we should ask them first, or should we just shoot first and not even bother to ask questions later.

        • R. Shooter says:

          Sure big talk! I train every day. Everyday I expect to engage in a gun fight. So Long as you stay under your bed you will be safe.

          • Rabbi Will says:

            Your statements here say it all. ! Govco cops are ready to shoot constantly! So tell us all something. Do you expect to engage a foreign agent in a gunfight every day. Or is it your fellow Americans? I think that answer is already obvious

          • R. Shooter says:

            Rabi Will, you are a fool sir! When I go to a call, a child is being abused, domesticic violence, or something as simple as id theft I have no way of knowing if there is a shot gun waiting on the other side of the door. Thus I must preparer for a gun fight every day. Ambushes happen every day. You live in a protected bubble and have no understanding of the world others live in. Just stay under your bed where its safe.

          • Charlie Hargrave says:

            Wow, just wow.

      • tuco22 says:

        The police are there to protect the state, state property and officials.

    • Rabbi Will says:

      Go ahead !

    • JASON says:

      I work in national security and don’t have time to be dealing with government employees kicking my door in because I own a scary looking gun while I am being payed by the same tax payers to keep these clowns safe when they are off duty (including their family members). Every AR owner is not some hillbilly hiding out in the mountains waiting for Jesus to come back. I have 2 college degrees, married, kids, own a home, bank a 6 figure salary, and before going to work in nat sec for Uncle Sam I was a deputy sheriff. Time for all government employees to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they work for the tax payer or George Soros.

      • pirate says:

        Well said Jason. But my question is : Why doesn’t everyone get together and get ride of the idiots in Richmond who are causing this entire problem. Let Va. be the first to solve the problem without bloodshed. Why don’t all the sheriffs go to Richmond and arrest the idiots who are commenting treason to the Constitution as the also pledged.

        • riverrider says:

          because sheriff’s have no jurisdiction outside of their county.

          • Matt says:

            Which is a roundabout way of saying, “because they believe that the corrupt system is legitimate and can rightfully tell them that their “authority” is limited.

      • billy hill says:

        “I have 2 college degrees, married, kids, own a home, bank a 6 figure salary, and before going to work in nat sec for Uncle Sam I was a deputy sheriff.”

        Yer teh coolest.
        And I agree with you, hillbillies (especially Christians) should be shot first and relieved of their AR’s second; but not really rich cool guys like you who are paid so much (by taxpayers).

    • Simon Palin says:

      We know from history how it will come down. As the collapse progresses the police will try to confiscate weapons. Also, the police will (working on it already) start robbing you for their own benefit, in particular on roads. It happened recently in in Russia during the collapse around 1990; cars with goods traveled only in groups because of the police robbing them regularly.
      Shooting Feds or local police should not be advocated though. They are people; nobody should die for a piece of equipment or money. It is time to get rid of your weapons. You do not have any. You never had any interest towards weapons. (Except, of course, they are stored in safe place, and you have plenty of ammo. Nobody knows about it except you.)
      We know a year from now, or five years from now bolsheviks will take over, and shortly after Venezuela type situation will arise. You have to survive first years keeping low profile. This is the period state terror against general population takes place. There will be severe shortages of everything. Later, the police and federal forces are too busy to protect the elites, people are left mostly alone to suffer. Then you need your weapons to protect yourself against gangs. You will try then to form some type of alliance with local police.

      • Matt says:

        “Shooting Feds or local police should not be advocated though. They are people; nobody should die for a piece of equipment or money.”
        Bull. I obtained my equipment and money through the expenditure of my life essence. Consequently, stealing my stuff is taking of my life, which I have an inherent right to protect.

        Donning a stupid badge doesn’t make you special and if your actions are indistinguishable from that of a common street thug or bully you should expect to be and be treated as such.

    • Gregory Marsh says:

      I would encourage you to look at the state of Wyoming as a wonderful place for relocation! The lowest tax rates in the nation:
      We have a healthy respect for law enforcement and our sisters and brothers in the military. In fact, our job market is doing quite well. There is a need for experienced law enforcement. You would be welcomed here ! May I suggest Cheyenne, home of FE Warren AFB, along with the city of Casper.
      I find it difficult to understand how this “gun culture” debate in Virginia has escalated to this level. However, it is what it is….so take a look our way.
      Also, I encourage all private sector business to look at Wyoming for relocation. May I suggest the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce as a launching point for information along with the Wyoming Business Council.
      Cheers !

  2. Rabbi Will says:

    David you know they will listen to the rulers. They do it now. How many unjust laws are being enforced by the blue boots now?

  3. R. Shooter says:

    Sheriff’s are politicians, elected officials just like your representatives and senators. Did you expect anything different from him? How do we know that the military guys next door that everybody hails as heroes won’t use their skills to rape and pillage your neighborhood. I think a person can come up with a long list of people that need to be killed if it goes down, because they might pose a perceived threat. Looks like a slippery slope you are heading down. Good luck, I sure hope innocent 2nd A folks don’t lose their lives over this.

  4. Rabbi Will says:

    My suggestion to all of you is know your cops . Who they are where they sleep what they care about. Avoid fighting if it’s at all possible. If there must be a fight however fight in their safe place not yours! Fight over their property and family not yours! We went through this in Germany. And most of our people just respected the authorities. Did that help them at all? Hell NO!

  5. Blather says:

    Whoever forces gun control with a commie Demoncrap is committing treason along with the commie Demoncrap lawmaker.

    You have been warned.

  6. Mark says:

    Bolshevik Bernie saw what happened to BabyBeto ….
    Bernie won’t BUY your guns, just OUTLAW them.
    The Bolsheviks want you to be easy prey.
    Every American should be studying the HOLODOMOR and STALIN’S terror.
    Learn what the Bolsheviks did to Christian Ukrainians and Russians.
    Because you may soon be RELIVING it.
    “All you freedom-loving “left wing” thinkers in the West! You left-laborites! You progressive American, German, and French students! As far as you are concerned, this whole book of mine is a waste of effort. You may suddenly understand it all someday – but only when you yourselves hear ‘hands behind your backs there!’ and step ashore on our Archipelago.”Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    After the Bolsheviks imposed “COMMON SENSE” gun laws:
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more -- we had no awareness of the real situation… We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago
    Having fomented conditions of severe social and political instability the Jewish Bolsheviks eventually seized control of the whole Russian Empire after a dreadful civil war. Thereafter they instituted a regime that killed directly or indirectly tens of millions of Christian Russians. Churches were burned down or converted to warehouses while ‘anti-semitic’ acts incurred the death penalty.

  7. Dr.Lon Schultz says:

    H L .Mencken once said ” every normal man must be tempted at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats. On the other hand, in order to maintain civilization we must all learn to never initiate the use of force, unless we are defending our selves or innocents, then again after loosing a wife to government skulduggery, I am sharpening my knives and keeping my powder dry.

  8. Remsdad says:

    When the choice is the Constitution or Pension we know which one wins.

  9. wayne says:


  10. DDrake says:

    Bottom Line:
    To “Register” or “Confiscate” the ARMS of the People IS an ACT OF WAR and TREASON. Time has come to put these RABID COMMIE DOGS DOWN, and SWING them from the END of a ROPE. The Government IS the People through the CONSTITUTION -- OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People. No “Code” Supersedes the Constitution, which is LAW. It can only be Infringed or Suspended UNLAWFULLY, and therefore CRIMINALLY.
    The TRUE and ONLY Definition of ARMS and MILITIA, is for WAR. See the 1828 Websters Dictionary. Combine the Definitions of MILITIA and ARMS, and there is NO DOUBT to the INTENT of the 2nd Amendment. For WAR against DOMESTIC Enemies of the People and THEIR Constitution, put in place to GOVERN their ELECTED SERVANTS. The Governor of Virginia has declared himself to be the ENEMY of the People and the LAW of the Constitution that GOVERNS HIM. All those who obey his UNLAWFUL Orders join him as ENEMIES of the People and their BLOOD BOUGHT Constitution.

    • Timothy E. Tucker says:

      …”and there is NO DOUBT to the INTENT of the 2nd Amendment. For WAR against DOMESTIC Enemies of the People and THEIR Constitution, put in place to GOVERN their ELECTED SERVANTS.”

      Brother, I’ve never heard it put this well before. Really puts the emphasis on the actions of the “ELECTED SERVANTS” to be governed by the very document they have sworn to uphold. HOORAH! HOORAH! HOORAH! TET.

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  12. vok3 says:

    The difference is that there’s a dozen of you guys on one side and three thousand angry civvies on the other.

    Sure you can concentrate your dozens in specific places to take down one or two of the civilians. Until that stops working. Then the LE side just … disappears.

    You’d be better off turning in your badge and getting an honest job, like gas station janitor or something.

    • Larry C. says:

      “Sure, you can concentrate your dozens in specific places, to take down one or two civilians. Until that stops working, then the LE side just…disappears.” Hmmmm, what about “we know where they live” It’s not going to be all that easy for “them” to disappear into the woodwork, after they have made a profession of gunning down innocent civilians
      in their homes, cars, and places of business.Even if they do get an “honest”job, like dog catcher, or street sweeper, we remember their faces, and where they like to congregate for a beer, after work.

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