Words I Wish I Had Written …

This morning I visited a local building supply yard.

As is my daily custom, I had my pistol on my belt (open-carry).

An employee in the wood yard initiated our conversation with “are you law enforcement?”, followed by predictable questions and a look of mild surprise when I explained no license or permit is required to open-carry a firearm in NC.

I open-carry because I believe people need to experience armed citizens who are acting responsibly while conducting business in public places.  Every interaction is an opportunity to educate.

This is what I wish I had written:

Safer Streets 2012: Repeal All Gun Laws, Part I.

by John Longenecker

Gun owners often remark that they carry a gun because a policeman is too heavy. This is cute, but it makes the point. In this country, the citizen is supreme authority, and when a citizen is armed, the law is present. It is on our authority that we delegate to law enforcement powers we wish them to have in order to do the jobs we ask of them. In doing this, however, we have never surrendered the totality of our supreme authority as the Sovereign. It is this which is recognized by forty-eight states who affirm the armed citizen within their borders, and who respect the rights of visitors from other states to be armed.

When I write about guns on campus, or other venues of armed citizen, I point out that the citizen has not only the right to armed self-defense, but also the legal authority to act in the absence of police. I compare this to Citizen CPR in the absence of Paramedics.

This comes from many sources, from public policy and public interest to just powers to general codified law and most of all from the idea that the citizens in this country are in fact the Sovereign. The second amendment in this country is the lethal force which backs our authority as the Sovereign. As the Sovereign, citizens cannot be subject to any gun control laws which attempt to regulate our being armed with lethal force. Our states predate the federal government and the feds are a creation of the states. As such, gun laws are a challenge to our sovereign authority as supreme. Little by little, our sovereignty is not only being blamed as hostile attitude and anti-government, but attitudes against guns and sovereignty are instigated as part of a larger movement to transfer sovereignty from the citizen to the State. I assure you, such a transfer is possible. Gun control is essential to losing our sovereignty over our government servants and our freedoms of movement. As such, there can be no such thing as so-called sensible gun laws.

All gun control is illegal because it challenges our authority and plumbs the depths of the careless tolerance of the electorate. In time of violence, more gun control is politically made to sound reasonable. In this country, there is no legal standing with which to challenge or infringe on the second amendment. It would be the same as claiming standing to own another human being somehow. Even a little is illegal.

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