Working Stiff Rebellion

Everyone has seen the voting games being played in Arizona, Georgia and Florida. Understand one thing, all of you working people out there in the nation, this is all designed to make you less of a human being. You are being targeted, your voice obliterated from self-determination. You, the people out there in the mechanic’s shops, the hair salons, the trucks, the planes, shipping centers and anywhere that interstate commerce is taking place. You are being told that these states and their masses of illegal immigrants voting in your elections are more important, of much greater value than those of you who have families who have lived, not only in these states, but every state, for generations that you are insignificant, mentally deficient and too cowardly to do anything about the vote fraud that has taken place.

Also, understand who it is that is telling you this. It is every illegal immigrant who voted illegally; every state official who is supposed to guarantee that the views of the legal residents of a given area are heard in the halls of Congress; every two bit politician, on either side of the aisle, whose duty it is to see to it that, that one right, that last right that has not been infringed, regulated out of existence or outright denied, is their sworn duty; every liberal who thinks that their concept of right outweighs any possible wrong they might do to you, your city, your property, your peace and your opinion.

These people, these communists, these greenies who are communist red on the inside, these foreign citizens, these would-be tyrants and dictators have decided that only their views are important, only they know how to do the right thing and you are either too lazy, stupid or inbred to conceive of their magnificence and brilliance. They know who to choose for a governor, or a mayor, or a representative, or a senator and since you are too stupid to agree with them, they will just have to vote ten times more often to ensure that the right thing is done.


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  1. Bricky says:

    A lesson from Atlas Shrugged
    “One of these days you are going to have to decide which side your on.”

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