Worship of the State …

The following is copied from the conclusion of False Religions, New and Old

Of course, it is one of the oldest religions, scarcely a new one – in fact, it long predates Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: the cult of the state. But we spend (right here in the Fifty States) an incredibly staggering amount. as CNS News reported. $1,914,650,000,000 was collected in FY 2016 so far in taxes – just shy of $2 TRILLION dollars: even at the current price of 1200 dollars per ounce of gold that is 1,531,720,000 ounces of gold: 52,516 TONS of the yellow stuff. And yet – AND YET! – the FedGov still spent $355 BILLION more than they collected. It is the greatest scam in world history. It developed as a revolt against God, and it is still that. It is a vile form of slavery, and part of its vile nature is that so many people are convinced it is GOOD.

Which makes this next story a commentary on a disgusting idea: we know that beer (and other alcohol products) have long tied their advertising and consumption of their products to these religions, both new and old; sports of all kinds. But now, Budweiser has discovered the advantages of advertising tied to an old religion: worship of the state. The Blaze reports that Budweiser beer is changing its name to “America” beer for the rest of the “Elect A New Massa” season, with quotes from the Constitution and all sorts of things. Just as vineyards in France and elsewhere in Europe tied their sales to the Roman Catholic Church for centuries, now the beer makers are tying it to the most successful of world religions today.

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