Yellow Dog Republicans

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Greg Gianforte won the Montana election. In the best example yet of voting for the lesser of two evils, people elected a man who physically attacked a reporter for asking a valid question about Trumpcare. This election shows the level of disdain that the American people have for Democrats and the Democrat party.

But at what cost? Has most of the country (geographically speaking) become yellow dog Republican? I would lament this election further except that I believe Mr. Gianforte will fit into Washington, D.C. quite well.

David DeGerolamo

Republican Gianforte Wins Montana Special Election Despite Assault Charge

Political pundits were closely watching last night’s special election in Montana for two reasons: to see if there is an anti-Trump sentiment shift in this hard-line republican state, and whether the “body slamming” scandal that sent shockwaves just one day prior would cost Republican frontrunner Greg Gianforte the election.


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